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Sustainable, American-made fashion brand bringing you the classic staples you love
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Why We Love Amour Vert

Amour Vert fights against waste — one of the many destructive byproducts generated by the larger fashion industry — by creating some of the most sustainably produced women’s clothing available today, without sacrificing comfort or style.

Produced in limited batches to prevent waste and overproduction, Amour Vert’s coveted products combine laid-back, carefree California style with chic, Francophillic sophistication. The brand’s modern, effortlessly elegant collection of small-batch, fashionable musts generates waitlists that stretch into the thousands.

Amour Vert is rapidly emerging as one of the leading sustainable fashion brands in the U.S. As for the team here at The Fascination, we love a good romance, and while this brand’s stylish wardrobe staples have certainly captured our hearts, Amour Vert’s dedication and love for Planet Earth is truly one for the ages.

The TL; DR

  • Unique, modern, and effortlessly chic, parisian-esque style
  • Comfortable, beautiful, versatile, and sustainable fashion staples
  • Made of premium-quality long-lasting fabrics
  • Sustainability efforts applied across the brand’s entire business practice and product lifecycle
  • Partnerships with American Forest to plant trees for every t-shirt sold and ThredUp to encourage customers to recycle clothing
  • Limited-edition and small-batch production runs ensure minimal waste generation

The Amour Vert Origin Story

Est. 2010

Founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife team Christoph Frehsee and Linda Balti, Amour Vert is a leading fashion brand that ensures all aspects of their business are sustainable, from the production of the fabric to how the product is recycled after use.

Though they live, work, and design Amour Vert’s signature women’s apparel in San Francisco, both founders originally hail from France. Inspired by the timeless, sophistication of European fashion, Christoph and Linda translated iconic Parisian style into the effortless, cool, modern sustainable, socially-responsible fashion Amour Vert is known for today.

After meticulously inspecting traditional supply chain processes throughout the fashion industry, Christoph and Linda rejected the industry’s destructive and wasteful norms and meticulously reformed all of Amour Vert’s practices — from production to marketing and shipping, ensuring sustainability and accountability in each.

With an expansion into Men’s Fashion, Children’s Apparel, and Home Décor on the horizon, Amour Vert remains dedicated to their mission, and strives to set the new sustainable-fashion standard, without sacrificing quality or style.

The Science of Amour Vert

With over 97% of their clothing created in California, Amour Vert’s production cycle is sustainable from beginning to end. They partner directly with mills to develop sustainable and long-lasting fabric. All of their fabric and dyes, including their TENCEL Modal, Ethical Wool, and Mulberry Silk, are free of pesticides, non-toxic, and made out of raw materials. Plus, all product styles and colors are made in limited quantities to ensure that they are not overproducing and contributing to waste, which means you have to purchase quickly before products sell out. Even the packaging is sustainable; compostable bags made out of recycled materials and printed with soy-based inks.

Finally, Amour Vert partners with ThredUp to help customers recycle clothes they no longer wear. Each order includes a Thredup return label, so you can recycle your clothes, rather than throw them out. With each purchase, shoppers also earn credits toward their next piece of Amour Vert’s sustainable fashion.

The Soul of Amour Vert

For too long, we’ve been complacent wearing clothes without knowing who actually created them, where our products came from, and how they were made. Amour Vert is committed to transparency and adheres to a strict standard of ethical labor practices with their factories.

On Amour Vert’s website, customers can learn about each factory producing the products they shop. The reported information includes a profile each factory owner, the number of employees, the gender ratio, the location, and the origin story of the factory itself.

Amour Vert champions sustainability — not just in how they make their products, but also through the ways they give back. In collaboration with American Forests, Amour Vert plants a tree for every t-shirt purchased. So far, they have planted over 105K trees, and based on how quickly their products are selling, we’re certain they’ll plant a lot more.

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