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Organic, beeswax-derived products for energy, wellness and recovery
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Why We Love Beekeeper’s Naturals

Here’s a small business that’s been generating a lot of buzz. Beekeeper’s Naturals‘ mission is to hold the medicine cabinet to a higher standard, and this philosophy underpins everything they do. From single bottles of throat spray, to the antioxidant-packed ‘Hive’ travel kit, products from Beekeepers Naturals help us to stay happy and healthy whether we’re on adventurous travels or spending an average day at home. Some have more than 300 – count ‘em, 300! – beneficial compounds. And here’s the sting in the tail: we can improve our mental and physical fitness while also protecting the planet’s vital bee population. That’s what we call a bee-autiful combination!

The TL; DR

  • Great for wellness – whether we’re looking for brain fuel, dietary supplements, deep sleep, more energy, or just general immune support
  • All natural ingredients – such as hemp extract, raw honey and royal jelly; unlike over-the-counter remedies which are often soaked in artificial agents
  • Bees are crucial to biodiversity and foods such as apples, blueberries and even chocolate – but many species are at risk of extinction
  • 10% of profits from apparel line donated to support leading bee research charities
  • Free shipping on orders over $60; 100% money back guarantee

The Beekeeper’s Naturals Origin Story

Est. 2016

Founder Carly Stein started her career at a hedge fund and then moved to Goldman Sachs – but her passion had always been wellness, and in particular the importance of bringing ethically made, healing products to a mainstream audience. The inspiration for Beekeeper’s Naturals occurred when she contracted tonsillitis studying in Italy as a college student. She faced the prospect of returning to Canada for emergency surgery (she couldn’t use antibiotics due to an autoimmune condition), but was fortunate enough to be offered a bottle of propolis – a bee-powered ingredient – by a corner pharmacist. Carly never lost sight of this dream, and soon started beekeeping – even while working in finance as her day job. Setting up Beekeeper’s Naturals has enabled her to marry the two worlds of science and nature to deliver remedies from sources that can be trusted.

The Science of Beekeeper’s Naturals

This section on ‘the science’ could occupy an encyclopedia, so we’ll focus on just two examples. Bee pollen is ​rich in B vitamins, minerals, free forming amino acids, and antioxidants.  Buckwheat honey is one of the darkest, most antioxidant rich honeys on the planet, with therapeutic benefits rivalling those of manuka honey. But despite these amazing products, global bee populations are threatened by pesticides like neonicotinoids and climate change.

No more pollinators would have devastating consequences for our ecosystem and our planet – 35% of food production and 80% of flowering plant species rely on insect pollination. Much of this has arisen through bad science – or, at least, the misuse of good science: excessive use of pesticides, and artificial additives that carry unpleasant side effects. Carly is determined to harness the power of science for more worthy ends.

The Soul of Beekeeper’s Naturals

Products from Beekeeper’s Naturals are great not just for our mental clarity, our workouts, our skin, our immune system, our energy levels – but also for our environment. Carly does everything she can to protect the richness and vibrancy of our world – now that’s science with a purpose!  The key point is – these things should not be rare, illusive or unusual; they should be a part of everyday living.  That’s why Beekeeper’s Naturals seeks to ‘make healthy your new norm’.

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