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Ethically made and 100% organic cotton sheets and towels
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Why We Love Boll & Branch

Life’s too short to be sleeping on uncomfortable sheets. That’s a current sentiment that we can get behind. So if you’re looking to upgrade your sleep game, look no further than Boll & Branch.

Boll & Branch makes their products out of 100% organic cotton, so they are more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Their luxurious sheets are what some may liken to sleeping on a cloud, not to mention their towels make you feel like you’re wrapped up in one.

Boll & Branch not only makes great products, but they do so through a completely reinvented supply chain that puts the workers and people first. All the sheets are ethically made in factories across India, Portugal, and the US, and Boll & Branch is the first linen company to become Fair Trade Certified. Pairing integrity and the highest craftsmanship, Boll & Branch have created products that people welcome into their home with open arms.

The TL; DR

  • Linen company that uses 100% organic cotton and is Fair Trade Certified
  • Made in ethical facilities in India, Portugal and the U.S.
  • Works with factories that pay a liveable wage and provide workers with proper working conditions
  • The Signature Sheet set made with a 300-thread count and its percale sheet set that are great for hot sleepers
  • Use of organic cotton means it has saved over 500 million gallons of water

Boll & Branch Origin Story

Est. 2013

When husband and wife team Scott and Missy Tannen were sheet shopping for their new, king sized bed, they were surprised and dismayed to discover that nothing fit their standards. All the sheets appeared to be the same and totally lacked information on where and how they were made. Scott and Missy realized the sheet market needed to be flipped on its head, so they decided to make new sheets with the highest craftsmanship and ultimate transparency.

As they created Boll & Branch, The Tannens started with two aspects that are core to their brand today: 100% organic ingredients and ethical supply chains. They worked with cotton farmers in Indian to farm the highest quality cotton without any shortcuts or exploitations. They ensured that the farming practices they used saved water and weren’t detrimental to the environment. As they’ve expanded to manufacture their line in Portugal and the US as well as India, Boll & Branch has taken their ethical practices with them. They were named the first Fair Trade Certified manufacturer of linens, and continue to put their workers first as they expand their product line to sell towels, robes, duvets, pillows, and more.

The Science of Boll & Branch

For starters, all of Boll & Branch’s sheets and towels are made with 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is only 1% of cotton grown across the world, but it is far more sustainable than other cotton. While regular cotton is often filled with insecticide and pesticides, organic cotton uses merigolds instead of chemicals. The cotton also uses 90% less water to produce than regular cotton. A win for all involved.

Boll & Branch’s Signature Sateen Sheets are woven to a 300 thread count with single-ply organic cotton. By using a Sateen weave, Boll & Branch creates incredibly soft sheets that make for a perfect night’s sleep. Due to sateen’s light, breathable, and soft qualities, Boll & Branch uses it for sheet sets, shams, duvet sets, and pillowcases.

After hearing customers’ requests for a lightweight, crisp sheet similar to a sheet you may find at a high-end hotel, Boll & Branch decided it was time to create a Percale sheet. Percale fabric is made with 100% organic cotton and its tight weave (one-over, one-under) gives it a smooth and breathable quality, making it an ideal bedding option for people who live in warm climates or are hot sleepers.

The Soul of Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch follows a strict organic and ethical supply chain that puts its workers and the environment first. By using 100% organic cotton, Boll & Branch leaves an environmental and social impact. In 2018 alone, Boll & Branch saved well over 500 million gallons of water by using organic cotton. They also save greenhosue gas emissions by using ocean freight rather than air freight to move their goods.

Boll & Branch works with manufacturers in India, Portugal and the U.S., and makes certain that all of its manufacturing partners have fair labor practices. That means no child labor, providing livable wages, safe and proper working conditions, and humane treatment of all employees.

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