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Why We Love Branch

Is there anything more fun than buying furniture for an office — online? Besides eating thumbtacks, we can’t think of much (don’t actually eat thumbtacks, please). Thankfully, Branch is here to remodel the process, offering completely modular furniture, small pieces, and accessories for any office or home office space. Customers plan out the entire ordering process online, which allows them to buy at a 50% reduction compared to traditional furniture brands, and then they enjoy quick, easy, direct white-glove delivery. It’s a win-win-win-win.


  • Simple, modular, incredibly well-designed and stylish furniture
  • Saves up to 50% compared to traditional furniture costs
  • Businesses receive white glove delivery, installation, and pick up/trade ins
  • Design and expand your space plan with different furniture options
  • Most products include a ten-year warranty

The Branch Origin Story

Est. 2018

In 2018, Branch‘s CEO, Greg Hayes, reached his limit after furnishing dozens of offices for his commercial real estate business. Enough was enough, and Hayes in his frustration with the buying and delivery process for home and corporate offices, alike, decided to fix all the problems he saw plaguing the office furniture industry — namely, that customers had to choose between quality, affordability, and convenience.

When he founded Branch, Hayes cut out all the unnecessary middlemen who generally “gum up” the inner workings of a furniture company. Doing this allowed Hayes to lower the cost of Branch’s furniture dramatically, and allows customers to save enormously on home office goods. Hayes also added a number of perks to Branch‘s furniture buying process; such as space planning, delivery, white glove installation, and the ability to trade in used items; complete end-to-end service.

The Science of Branch

Branch is built to be completely modular.  Every single product, including ergonomic desks and chairs, is intricately designed to work with the other pieces of Branch’s collection.

The process begins when you design your desired space online, completely mapping out your office or home office space. By answering a short quiz and sharing your floor plan, you receive a curated shortlist of desks, chairs, and tables to include in your plan. Every single item is delivered in 5-15 days, and set up by a Branch captain with white glove delivery.

For those looking for single-item options, customers are able to shop Branch’s individual pieces directly as well. So, if you need a new standing desk, a new office chair, or a filing cabinet, Branch has you covered.

The Soul of Branch

Americans throw away 110 million pieces of furniture every year, and that furniture remains in landfills or even in public areas, destroying the environment. Branch never wants its products to hurt the Earth, and so they’ve made a series of decisions and developed partnerships to help design their environmentally-conscious product line.

60% of Branch’s seating material is made from recycled material, and 90% can be recycled after use. Their Branch Flex program lets customers trade in used furniture when they’re ready for an upgrade, so it can be restored and passed on to others who need it.

Finally, Branch has a history of running seasonal campaigns focused on sustainability rather than sales. They partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 10,000 trees around the holidays, branching out to rejuvenate our forests with new life.

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Daily Chair



Ergonomic Chair

$299$349($50 off)


Task Chair

$249$269($20 off)


Standing Desk

$699$815($116 off)


Standing Desk

$699$815($116 off)


Small Filing Cabinet