Smokeless fire pits that are made in the USA
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Why We Love

Campfires elicit fond memories of spending time with family and friends outside. But while a campfire looks idyllic, it often causes coughing and sneezing fits when smoke from the fire inevitably gets in your eyes. If you pick the wrong seat or happen to have a windy night, your campfire experience can go up in flames. Unless you’re sitting around a Breeo smokeless fire pit, that is.

Breeo has created a smokeless fire experience that is perfect for any outdoor adventure. Their innovative design allows you to experience the beauty of the outdoors and make memories to last a lifetime without smoking getting in your eyes. Made in the USA, a Breeo smokeless fire pit is the addition to your backyard or camping trip that you have been searching for.

The TL; DR

  • Sells a smokeless pit that will elevate any outside event for the better
  • American made in Lancaster, PA
  • Better for the environment due to less carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases released in the air
  • Lifetime warranty and free shipping

Breeo Origin Story

Est. 2011

Breeo started as a desire to build a wood-burning fire pit that reduced the amount of smoke coming from the fire itself. Breeo’s innovative design was born in a backyard in Ohio, and campfires have never been the same since. The key to the innovation was changing the way that the fire pit was constructed so that it can drastically reduce the smoke before it escapes.

Since building the first ever Smokeless Fire Pit, Breeo has been innovating and expanding their product line to offer consumers the best possible outdoor experience. They make their fire pits in different designs so you can use it on the road or in your backyard. They also sell accessories and kits so you can grill and cook a full gourmet meal. Breeo is currently made in Lancaster, PA, but has fans across the country signing its praises.

The Science of Breeo

Breeo’s innovative double-walled design allows hot air from the fire to rise through the gap between the two walls and exit the wall cavity through the holes around the rim. It goes through a secondary combustion phase to be smokeless, making it an even better fire experience. Due to the design, Breeo’s fire pits produce significantly less smoke than normal fires.

Breeo allows you to build the fire place that works best for your space, aesthetic, and needs. The fire pits come in three sizes, 19, 24, and 30, and you can opt for two different finishes, Stainless Steel and Corten Steel. And if you’re using the fire pit to cook, you can add a SearPlate™ rather than the standard rim as well as add cooking accessories. Breeo’s firepits and accessories make it easy to grill and cook, which has quickly become one of their customers favorite things about them. Breeo works with professional chefs to create recipes from ribs and burgers to soups, flatbreads, and fish, that are all available on their website.

The Soul of Breeo

Breeo wants everyone to enjoy everything the outside has to offer, regardless of the temperature and time of day. Their smokeless fire pit facilitates some of the best memories from BBQs to full camping adventures, allowing everyone to spend more time outdoors. Breeo’s smokeless fire pit is also a cleaner burn than common firepits based on it’s construction.

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