Consciously-crafted olive oils and vinegars, farm-grown in California
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Why We Love Brightland

How often do you think about what’s in your olive oil? Most of us (our team definitely included) see the words “extra-virgin” and throw it in the cart. But we are being deceived, and Brightland is bringing this deception to light.

The vast majority of olive oils fail to meet minimum industry standards, and contain adulterants which not only affect the taste, but our health as well. Brightland has been doing it right from the start, with their every olive sourced directly from California family farms. Although it may seem a small thing compared to every other cooking ingredient, it makes oil the difference in the world.

The TL; DR

  • Delicious, authentic, extra-virgin olive oil all sourced from family farms
  • Beautifully designed bottles protect against UV light
  • Oils and vinegars are made completely without additives or adulterants, unlike many other brands
  • Every single olive, grape, orange, and blackberry comes directly from family-run farms along the Californian Central Coast
  • Brightland oil improves immune health, contains antioxidants and vital fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients

The Brightland Origin Story

Est. 2018

After Aishwarya Iyer and her husband started getting into cooking, they became unwilling detectives in the case of the rancid ingredient. It’s always the one you least suspect, and just as true in this case, their “extra-virgin” olive oil was the guilty party. Iyer found that according to the UC Davis Olive Center, 70% of imported olive oil fails the industry standards for extra-virgin rating, yet receives the title anyway. These oils contain defects and additives like vegetable oils that can ruin the product’s overall integrity, nutritional value, and taste.

Enlightened by this knowledge, Iyer founded Brightland, and introduced a combination of savor-worthy natural flavors and collaborative, health-focused sourcing practices to a largely artificial industry.

Brightland olives and fruits are sourced directly from family farms in California’s Central Coast. Custom-blended into delicious oils and vinegars, they contain no fillers, additives, or artificial preservatives. The difference in quality is unbelievable, and with every bite you can taste Brightland’s devotion.

The Science of Brightland

Every olive is sourced from a family-run farm in California and crafted into oil without ever seeing a lab.

Brightland’s special bottles are designed not only to look amazing, but also protect against UV light and radiation — the leading causes of spoiled oil. When choosing the right  olive oil, it’s not just your taste buds that are at risk.

Properly made extra-virgin olive oil like Brightland is an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients. It’s energizing, nourishes hair, skin and nails, supports brain activity, and builds immune and nervous system health. So, not only will you feel healthier, you’ll look healthier too!

Brightland’s quality nutrition shines through, promoting hair volume, that healthy skin glow, and cellular preservation (anti-aging magic!).

The Soul of Brightland

We have lived for quite a long time paying premium prices for lesser quality oils. Words like “imported” and “extra-virgin” get thrown around for more profit, but mean very little in the end.

Brightland is a beacon of both premium flavor and top-notch nutrition , utterly devoted to the well-being of their customers and their customers’ food. Furthermore, their support of family-run farms means that farmers can perform the job they love, without being forced to sacrifice quality or care in order to meet large industrial numbers.

Come over to the light side, the right side, the bright side, and see if honesty and hard work don’t taste every bit as good as promised.

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