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Capsules made out of sustainable materials to help you on the go.

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Why We Love Cadence

While small versions of your favorite personal care products have become a staple if you’re always on the go, they severely contribute to plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. Cadence wants to change that.

Cadence creates products for the modern mover. Currently selling their magnetic capsules made out of recycled plastic and designed for on the go use, Cadence is eliminating plastic bottle waste, one bottle at a time. No, really, just one of Cadence’s capsules is the equivalent of one travel-sized bottle’s worth of plastic removed from beaches and recycled. With features such as spill proof magnetic tops and magnetic sides that snap together in a honeycomb, Cadence’s capsules easily fit in handbags, backpacks, and carry-on bags for a more environmentally friendly way to eliminate single-use plastic and bring your favorite products with you on the go.

The TL; DR

  • Sells magnetic capsules that are 100% spill proof, TSA friendly, and BPA-free
  • Customers can personalize their capsules with fun colors, words, and images that work best for them
  • Uses recycled plastic to create capsules, plus they are made to order
  • On a mission to change the single-used travel sized products industry for good.
  • Get an exclusive 20% off with code THEFASCINATION20

The Cadence Origin Story

Est. 2020

Cadence is the brain child of Steph Hon, who wanted to build a product for the modern day mover. Steph bootstrapped and worked with factories to create prototypes of Cadence’s main product, the capsules, which help people on the go while positively impacting the environment. Hon raised an angel round of financing in 2019. With that money, she perfected the capsules to officially launch Cadence in February 2020. Consumers ate it up, selling out their assortment just 16 days after launch.

Cadence is on a mission to ban single-use plastic bottles in the portable personal care industry for good. While sustainability often focuses on full-sized single use plastic, Hon wants to lead the movement to replace tiny plastic bottles that have integrated themselves into our day to day routine but harm our environment. Hon settled on the name Cadence because she wanted to create products that fit into each individual lifestyle, routine, and rhythm. And so, Cadence is here to help customers keep up their daily cadence by creating sustainable products that fit seamlessly into routines.

The Science of Cadence

Cadence’s main product is their capsules, which are magnetic and refillable containers that make organizing easy. The capsules feature magnetic caps that snap into place and stay in place, making them 100% spill proof. So, thanks to Cadence, you can say goodbye to opening your bag just to see your shampoo or pills spilled in transit. The capsules also have magnetic sides, which snap together to form a honeycomb, and stay together when you’re on the go. The capsules are intentionally designed with wide openings for easy filling and no right angles for easy cleaning.  Cadence’s capsules are TSA compliant and BPA-free, and Cadence allows consumers to personalize their capsules through color and specific labels like symbols and words.

Through a partnership with Enivision Plastics, Cadence uses recycled, ocean-bound plastic to make their capsules. Envision Plastics employs local communities to collect plastic from beaches around the world. They then send the plastic to their production partners in Montana, who create each capsule to order. The capsules are made up of 50% recycled material, more specifically, 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic and 30% reused scrap plastic. They re-grind and re-integrate any unused plastic scraps into their finished capsules to ensure that absolutely no plastic goes to waste.

The Soul of Cadence

Cadence wants to end single use travel sized plastic for good, no ifs, ands, or buts. 9 billion single-use plastic travel bottles and 6 billion silicone travel bottles will end up on beaches in your lifetime, a staggering number that no one really knows. That’s why Cadence’s manufacturing process puts an emphasis on diverting the plastic heading for the ocean and landfills by reformulating it into the capsules, with no waste left over. By switching out the tiny bottles you keep in your bags for Cadence’s capsules, you can save hundreds more single-use plastic bottles from clogging up our environment. Cadence is leading a movement to prevent plastic from entering landfills and cleaning up existing waste, one that is necessary for the future of our planet.

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