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Simple, beautiful tech accessories that seamlessly integrate into your home and everyday life

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Why We Love Courant

Wires: a terrible former necessity. They snake around our houses like ever-growing vines, somehow tangling themselves into incredible knots even when no one has touched them. Thanks to Courant, we can say goodbye to tripping over our cables, constantly putting in the wrong side of a USB port, and turning our homes into digital jungles.

Courant offers simple, chic organizational and wireless charging accessories, created using top-quality, handcrafted leather and designed for efficiency in modern, everyday life.

The TL; DR

  • Allows for the most convenient wireless charging possible, within or away from home
  • Beautifully designed, with the finest handcrafted and cut Italian leather
  • Compatible with nearly any phone and most other handheld electronics on the market
  • Simple, modern styles designed in NYC

Courant Origin Story

Est. 2018

When Monish Sabnani and Evan Moskal founded Courant, they sought to fill a considerable void in the wireless charging market. Many chargers had little aesthetic, appeal, or convenience, and the two knew that they could do better. Bringing the best materials to the forefront, Courant creates a charger that performs as well as it looks. The name comes from the French ‘Au Courant’, a fancy way of saying ‘up to speed’, or, ‘current’.

Just as their company has expanded, so too have the devices available. Beginning with the CATCH:1, which only holds one device, Courant has grown to the CATCH:3, which can charge while holding considerable room for accessories. Their latest endeavor is the CARRY, which allows for portable charging. So, anywhere you go, Courant makes sure you’re up to speed.

The Science of Courant

Courant’s devices are seamlessly integrated into a home, requiring only a simple USB port to charge nearly any phone available. Italian craftsmen and expert artisans handcraft the leather used for each charging device, resulting in a charging port or tray that looks great no matter the place. A large charging coil inside the device connects to the phone’s receiving battery, charging it considerably faster (at 10 watts) than most 5 watt cords.

The Soul of Courant

Courant is changing the way we recharge, replacing small, everyday stressors with style, convenience, and simplicity. Also, because Courant eliminates the need for multiple charging cables, the brand also helps to vastly reduce the number of wires that will end up in oceans and landfills.

Additionally, on an individual level, leaving charging cables plugged in while not charging is an enormous power drain — a problem mitigated by staying Courant.

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