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Why We Love CUTS

Why spend hours hemming and hawing over racks of uncomfortable, unfashionable shirts at the store? CUTS makes it simple with three collars and three cuts of shirts. These Work Leisure tees can be worn anywhere from the office to the gym. Their solid color design ensures their complement of any outfit, and with their special PYCA fabric, you’ll be kept feeling cool and comfortable all day long. Recently releasing sweatshirts that match, you’re top half will never look or felt better.

The TL; DR

  • Stylish shirts that can be worn both casually and professionally
  • PYCA fabric is durable yet breathable, and extremely comfortable
  • Options of your favorite cut and favorite collar
  • Find My Fit tool allows for finding the optimal size shirt

CUTS Origin Story

Est. 2016

When Steven Borrelli couldn’t find the right type of shirt to wear casually and professionally, he took the logical next step and started a company. Borrelli founded CUTS to give men shirts that could be worn no matter the occasion, the season, the weather, or the style. Stripping away all the pomp and circumstance, we’re left with a simple shirt company that provides an easy, affordable way to look and feel your best. The minimalist design and six options of style are a blessing in a world where finding the right piece of clothing can be a day-long ordeal. Men around the world have shown their approval; in four short years, CUTS has expanded to include dozens of high-profile ambassadors and retail locations.

The Science of CUTS

The shirts of CUTS use a tri-blend fabric called PYCA, a versatile, breathable, durable material that allows their clothing to last for years and feel amazing from the first. When shopping on their website, CUTS allows a choice between three types of shirt (tee, polo, long sleeve), three types of cut (regular, split-hem, elongated), and three types of collar (crew, v-neck, henly). Every single shirt comes in a solid color design that will match easily with the rest of one’s outfit.

The Soul of CUTS

A study found that Americans buy 68 pieces of clothing every year, and wear an article just seven times before tossing it away, choking landfills with millions of wearable outfits. CUTS is helping to end this practice of casual throwaway clothes, by making something that will truly last, no matter how many washes they go through. The shirts of CUTS are made for men who wear them throughout the years, from a fabric that won’t harm the environment upon its eventual disposal.

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