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Why We Love DIFF Eyewear

When it comes to this eyewear brand, though its cool, contemporary style is clear as day, take a closer look, and you’ll see that the diff is in the details.

Founded with a focus on affordability, community, and uncompromising quality, DIFF‘s chic eyewear collection includes everything from trend-setting sunglasses to blue-light-blocking, specialized lenses. And while DIFF‘s bold, statement-making styles have us heart-eyed 😍 and sold at first sight, it’s the mission behind the brand that truly sets DIFF apart.

For every pair of frames sold, DIFF delivers the gift of sight; whether through eyewear, treatment, medical exams, or surgeries, to someone in need. Each step of DIFF‘s manufacturing process, from its California-based design studio down to its top-quality, acetate-based, hand-cut frames, ensures that DIFF offers not only stylish, long-lasting lenses, but a better way to see the world.

The TL; DR

  • Bold, fashionable, affordable glasses of every variety
  • Each and every frame is hand-cut acetate, making them flexible and resilient
  • Every pair of DIFFs sold helps provide the gift of sight to someone in need through eye exams, surgeries, glasses, medicine, and more
  • Worldwide program to empower female artisans and support developing countries
  • Donated over 1.6 million pairs of reading glasses to those in need

The DIFF Eyewear Origin Story

Est. 2015

The three founders of DIFF, Zach Gordan and Chads Jernigan and Dime actually began as competitors in the eyewear business. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they worked much better together, and joined forces to create a brand where fashion and quality intertwined. DIFF launched its brand and shared its mission through a focused social media campaign, catching the eyes and capturing hearts of celebrities, industry experts, and influencers alike.

Today, with glowing reviews from stars, style icons, and loyal DIFF-frame fans like Kendall Jenner and Demi Lovato, DIFF has not only soared to the top of the trending list, they’ve continued to expand their mission, offering essential eyewear, medical treatment, and critical care to those in need. For every pair of glasses purchased, DIFF dedicates a portion of those funds to provide an eye exam, supply medication, support surgery, or donate a pair of eyeglasses for someone in need.


The Science of DIFF

After the initial design phase in Southern California, DIFF frames are hand-cut from a single piece of acetate. This allows for significantly more flexibility, resilience, and comfort than other frames, commonly made using an injection mold.

After the frame comes the lens itself- polarized sunglasses for those outdoors, blue light protection for those who work at a screen. For prescription glasses, they only require a simple prescription from an optometrist, and their lab produces the perfect pair.

The Soul of DIFF

Every aspect of DIFF’s eyewear is well-considered and thoughtfully-designed, but it’s their charity work and commitment to social responsibility that truly sets the brand apart. As mentioned, through a partnership with Sightsavers, for every purchase, DIFF donates a portion of profits to provide vision health services and eyewear to people in need. So far, DIFF has delivered glasses to 1.6 million people around the world, while helping many more repair and save their eyesight.

Project DIFF

But DIFF doesn’t stop there. Project DIFF helps fund empowerment and education through international partnerships in Uganda and Honduras.




The brand’s Pouch Program ethically sources and designs colorful, stylish sunglass cases, the proceeds from which help support the development of The Little Angels School in Uganda.“Proceeds from the pouches go back to Little Angels School to support them in accomplishing their goal to create a safe, positive environment for learning with all of the necessary resources to make that happen.” — DIFF Eyewear


In Honduras, DIFF’s Tribe Alive partnership ethically sources handcrafted sunglass chains while providing empowerment, support, and a dependable, living wage to female artisans and their families.“Through our partnership with Tribe Alive, we continue our passion to empower women around the world. Each sunglass chain is handmade by 10 female artisans in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and provides them with a sustainable, living wage to support her family.” — DIFF Eyewear

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