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The skincare line putting the men in skincare regimen
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Why We Love Disco

It’s no secret that sometimes, self-confidence comes with the right skincare regimen. What if your chronic breakouts were more controllable? What if you understood your skin enough to give it the care needed to keep it healthy and clear? What if you didn’t have to use your mom’s face wash or your sister’s exfoliant? What if you’d discovered Disco’s range of male-focused cleansing sticks, scrubs, purifying masks and moisturizers sooner? While we can’t answer all your questions when it comes to self-image, we do think it’s time to take the guesswork out of men’s skincare — and Disco is doing just that.

The TL; DR

  • Complexion-boosting skincare range for men
  • Created in partnership with leading dermatologist Dr Eva O’Brien
  • Gluten, aluminum, cruelty, paraben and sulfate-free
  • Free face scrub with $40+ purchases and many other great deals

The Disco Origin Story

Est. 2018

Ben Smith, Disco’s founder, had grown frustrated at having to use skincare products and regimens designed by women for women.  Additionally, he was alarmed at the poor ethical practices of leading brands and the opaque nature of the ingredients and manufacturing processes.   However, unlike most of us in similar circumstances, Ben refused to wallow in frustration, confusion and disillusionment. Instead, he decided to set up in business making skincare products the way he wanted them.  That way, he’d no longer have any excuses.  He joined forces with Dr Eva O’Brien, and together they spent thousands of hours perfecting the ingredients and the recommended usage; Ben also undertook a 1000-person market study to understand men’s “pain points and skincare needs”.  Since those early days, the product range has expanded and Disco has achieved widespread recognition – but the company has always stayed true to its original philosophy: “A skincare line for guys like me, guys like us”.

The Science of Disco

Good science starts with data – and, when it comes to men’s skincare, the statistics are frightening.  40% of men have never tried a skincare product, 63% don’t use face wash to clear their faces, and 32% actually use a bar of soap.  That’s where the support of Disco’s medical advisor Dr Eva O’Brien has been invaluable.  Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Dermatology, Dr O’Brien has spent 20 years as a licensed dermatologist and is winner of 19 prestigious medical awards   She collaborated closely with Disco’s team of chemists to develop products that will deliver a smoother, brighter, clearer complexion.  Early in their work together, Dr O’Brien and Ben Smith agreed that Disco would only use ingredients that were vegan, cruelty free, all natural and sustainable.

From apricot oil to reduce inflammation, to chamomile that protects from free radicals, to phytic acid that accelerates the skin care cycle, to horsetail that fights against bacteria, and willow bark that reduces redness and puffiness – the list of ethical ingredients is so exhaustive one has to ask the question: why would anyone ever use anything else?

The Soul of Disco

Disco is not just about selling great products to its loyal customers.  It also provides practical tips on a host of skin-related issues that men are sometimes a bit too embarrassed to talk about – itchy beards, oily noses, eye bags, receding hairlines, eyebrow grooming, yellow toenails, nose zits, and much more.

Check out blog posts on these and many other issues on the Journal section of the Disco website.  Some of the details are a bit unsavory (so drop the dinner plate before exploring too deeply), but every single piece of advice is practical and informed.

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