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Doe Lashes

Soft, easy-to-wear lashes made out of korean silk hair

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Why We Love Doe Lashes

Tired of tricky, hard-to-apply fake lashes? Sick of struggling with over-sized spider legs? Done with lashes that just don’t stick?
So is Doe, and they’re serving up everything we want with breezy, beautiful, effortlessly natural-looking fake lashes.

Doe Lashes is completely disrupting the fake lash industry by making high-quality, comfortable, easy-to-use, fluttery lashes made out of weightless, Korean silk hair and soft cotton. Their lashes are completely reconstructed to ensure they don’t cause irritation and fit all eye shapes, so you can wear them all day without discomfort. Currently offering 10+ styles, Doe helps people express their natural beauty, one lash at a time.

The TL; DR

  • Lashes made out of Korean Silk hair and a weightless cotton band for a better, more comfortable, long-lasting fake lash
  • Easy to apply and remove — soft cotton band is easy to size and won’t cause irritation
  • Silk lashes are buildable and can support more volume if you need to add a little extra flair
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • More affordable, more flexible, and more durable than mink fur fake lashes counterparts
  • Reusable for up to 15 wears with proper care
  • 10+ styles of lashes from everyday to glam or night out
  • Handmade by artisans

The Doe Lashes Origin Story

Est. 2020

Already a “serial entrepreneur” at 23, Jason Wong noticed that his girlfriend always struggled to put on her fake eyelashes before they went out on a date. He started to learn more about the fake eyelash industry and realized that the current production process, business model, and products were incredibly outdated. When he spoke with his female friends who wore fake eyelashes about the problems they had, much of the feedback he received highlighted four main problems: fake eyelashes were too heavy, did not fit all eye shapes, caused irritation, and were just generally uncomfortable to wear for any length of time — if they even lasted that long.

When he couldn’t find any products that offered an acceptable solution to the frequent faux-lash faux pas, Wong decided to tackle the problem himself by creating better quality, natural-looking, lightweight, durable, and comfortable fake eyelashes made out of natural Korean silk hair.

Doe Lashes continues to gather user feedback on the lashes they create  in order to perfect their products and ensure that their line of lashes includes enough style variety so that everyone can achieve the looks they want. With new product launches like skincare pimple patches and cotton rounds for makeup removal, Doe plans to expand their product line and continue to help users embrace and extend their natural beauty.

The Science of Doe Lashes

Doe Lashes creates gentle weightless lashes that look good and feel good on your eyes. Unlike other fake lashes that are made out of mink hair and are not animal-friendly, Doe’s lashes are handmade by artisans out of soft Korean silk hair. Doe’s lashes feature a cotton band that blends seamlessly into your natural lash line without causing irritation or feeling heavy. They can be worn over 15 times without loosing stickiness or shape for all day comfort. Thousands of 5 star reviews all the say the same thing: when you wear Doe Lashes you hardly feel them. So say goodbye to heavy eyes when you wear Doe Lashes.

The Soul of Doe Lashes

Doe Lashes believes that makeup and lashes should be an extension of natural beauty, which is why they created their easy to apply and comfortable fake eyelashes in 10+ styles. Doe Lashes wants to remove misinformation in the fake lash category by providing educational articles and tutorials about fake lashes. If you’ve never worn fake eyelashes before, but want to try, Doe gives you simple step by step instructions to help you apply them quickly and easily.

Not sure what type of lashes work best for you? Doe Lashes makes the lash purchasing process easy with the a quiz that matches you to the best lashes or lash packs for you.

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