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Why We Love Embark

Our furry friends are perfect just the way they are, and we’re usually not too caught up in the minutiae of their breed and genetics. However, when it comes to keeping them healthy, avoiding hereditary diseases, and making their best choices, genetic information can come in handy. Embark gives a full genetic makeup for any dog and gives us the results, so we can make the best informed decisions possible.

The TL; DR

  • Dog genetic tests reveal potential hereditary illnesses
  • Full genetic makeup allows for complete breed information
  • Gives proactive information about health, food, and medication
  • Platform collects info from every test, allowing for a comprehensive report

The Embark Origin Story

Est. 2015

Lifelong dog lovers Adam and Ryan Bokyo saw hundreds of thousands of people buying faulty DNA tests, along with pricey vitamins, specialty dog food, and probiotic shampoo, all in the hopes of making their dogs healthier. The brothers decided that if people wanted their pets healthy, then there should be a product that actually helps.

In 2015, they founded Embark, the first comprehensive canine genetics platform. Not only does it allow you to know your pet’s complete genetic makeup, but also crucial health information for their breed. Together, the Bokyos have made incredible strides toward ending cancer, heart diseases, allergies, and many other diseases in dogs.

The Science of Embark

With every DNA test performed, Embark adds information to its data banks about a specific dog breed. Adam and Ryan Bokyo spent twelve years developing their genetic testing, based on over 200,000 genetic markers and proprietary algorithms. With the help of breeders, veterinarians, and information donors, Embark has developed into an incredible web of information. Today this comprehensive map allows for complete genetic health evaluations for any and all breeds.

The Soul of Embark

Keeping their pet healthy is of paramount importance to any dog owner. When diseases like cancer or hip dysplasia strike, it can be devastating not only to the dog but their family as well. Thanks to Embark, we no longer have to wait until our dogs are sick to take action. A genetic health evaluation allows us to take proactive steps, whether it be regular vet appointments or changing diet or vitamins. Hopefully, with the help of Embark, preventable dog diseases will soon be a thing of the past.

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