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Wag-worthy nutritional supplements for your trusty companion
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Why We Love Finn

Finn wants to make sure that every dog has their day, and that those days are as healthy and happy as possible. More often than not, choosing a health plan for your furry friend is a confusing and misleading process. Vitamins and supplements are either generic, far too expensive, or filled with unhealthy additives. Finn fixes all of these problems in one stroke: their supplements target specific areas of canine health, they are easily affordable, and they have no artificial fillers or additives. Get your dogs barking with Finn!

The TL; DR

  • Supplements and vitamins to keep every dog as healthy as possible
  • No fillers or artificial additives
  • Special quiz to ensure each dog receives what they need
  • Partnered with animal rescue shelters to donate proceeds
  • Veterinarian approved subscription service

The Finn Origin Story

Est. 2020

James Shalhoub, Finn’s founder, has always loved animals. While working on a pet-based newsletter, Shalhoub realized that despite so many people creating blogs and Instagram accounts for their dogs, there was little in the way of proactive pet healthcare. When people are treating their dogs as their own children, why not hold them to the same standard of care? Shalhoub approached the start-up assist team at Gander to help make his vision of targeted health supplements a reality, and they were more than happy to help. Finn has become a massive success, and along with brands like Embark, dogs are living happier and healthier every day.

The Science of Finn

Whereas most canine health products are generic and generalized, Finn targets very specific areas of the body and brain. A simple quiz helps diagnose potential problems or deficiencies, and then gives the best options to help. Simple multivitamins, hip and joint relief, anxiolytics, or skin and coat shine. Every product sold by Finn is extensively researched and made up of purely natural ingredients, all listed on their site.

The Soul of Finn

Finn’s sole purpose is helping dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives. Their motivation is not profit but the love of all animals. But these are the lucky ones. There are too many dogs living in poor conditions, without a loving home, and Finn knows it. That is why they have partnered with animal shelters around the country, donating portions of their proceeds to help ensure that every dog can have the life that they deserve.

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