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Why We Love Folden Lane

The art of organization may come easy to some but for most of us staying organized isn’t as natural. Thankfully, great brands like Folden Lane are creating the ultimate organization solutions.

Folden Lane’s baskets are thoughtfully designed to optimize functionality and style. They come in neutral tones like taupe, cream, dove, and graphite to easily blend into your space. These vegan leather, collapsible baskets are easy to store, made out of easy to clean material.

Folden Lane’s baskets come in cube and rectangle shapes in three sizes. While all of Folden Lane’s baskets are available for individual purchase, they also offer two sets: The Starter and The System. The Starter set includes three baskets in the same size of your choosing, and the System allows consumers to purchase a basket in each size.

The TL; DR

  • Collapsible home storage bins that have neutral tones and come in small, medium and large to fit every person’s home
  • Packaging designed with sustainability in mind
  • Made with premium vegan leathers
  • Built to last

Folden Lane Origin Story

Est. 2021

Ben Spivack comes from four generations of basket makers – yes, that’s a thing. Ben worked at his family business, RGI Home, and learned about the storage industry from the ground up. While he saw the joy that organization could bring people, he also became aware of the side of the industry that consumer don’t see; over 90% of storage baskets are made with harmful metals, single use plastics, or woods contributing to deforestation. The packaging & shipping process relies on inefficient, CO2 heavy methods that generate too many CO2 emissions. Plus, there’s serious packaging waste. In fact, waste from packaging of home storage products adds up to 800 million square feet per year. Given his expertise, Ben knew that he could create an efficient home storage product that took into consideration both the environment in the home and the one outside. Folden Lane’s design has reduced packaging waste by 55% and CO2 emissions by 84%, while fitting well into every sized space.

The Science of Folden Lane

Folden Lane’s products are designed at its headquarters in New York and manufactured in China and Vietnam. It makes certain to partner with suppliers that have ethical working environments. Folden Lane products are designed to last, and its flat pack design saves over 50% on packaging waste and up to 84% on carbon emissions compared to traditional storage baskets.

The Soul of Folden Lane

Folden Lane has four core values that weave throughout their business and products:

  1. Radical inclusion – Creating and fostering a community where there is equal opportunity, total acceptance and inclusion of diversity. 
  2. Humility & Empathy – Through compassion, it’s possible to connect with others and make make the world a better place 
  3. Do Good – Recognize your role in the world and your chance to make a difference for the better. This extends beyond being a good member of society, play an active role in protecting some of our most precious resources- the environment
  4. Wabi Sabi – Japanese philosophy that finds beauty in the incomplete and fleeting nature of things. Folden Lane wants to celebrate a home’s imperfections. 


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