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Why We Love Glossier

The iconic shade of millennial pink takes the spotlight with Glossier, a brand known for its clean beauty products, funky packaging, and cool-girl-community vibe. Easily identified by their soft, dewey, dreamy aesthetic and legion of loyal shoppers, the brand’s game changing Boy Brow, Balm Dotcom, and Cloud Paint products rank as some of the most coveted beauty products among today’s millennial shoppers.

So, why the hype? You’d be excited, too, if you received a bundle of top-of-the-line, ultra-effective, affordable goodies that, simply put, make makeup fun again. Glossier‘s design draws on some of the best and most iconic 90’s trends (which is part of why the brand resonates so strongly with this particular generation). It’s familiar, and in a really good way. Think pretty pastel bottles, holographic lip gloss, and a complimentary, pink, bubble-wrap-lined makeup bag, to boot.

The TL; DR

  • Democratizing beauty by going against the standard beauty paradigm of experts telling the consumer what should go on their face
  • Black-Owned Beauty Business Grant Program – Glossier committed to providing $500,000 in grants to support the next generation of industry leaders in the Black community
  • Products are cruelty-free and dermatologist tested
  • Products are formulated and appropriate for all skin types
  • Offers skincare, makeup, gender neutral body products, fragrances, digital gift cards and swag like sweatshirts and duffels called GlossiWEAR
  • Female-founded brand

The Glossier Origin Story

In 2015, you could find Glossier’s founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, on the coveted Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Weiss kicked off her entrepreneurial career founding the blog Into The Gloss only 5 years earlier in 2010 while assuming her position as fashion assistant at Vogue. Into the Gloss’s content was focused on interviewing industry leaders worldwide on the best in beauty tips, makeup tutorials and techniques. Weiss’s focus on expanding her business ventures in the beauty realm led her into funding meetings and, eventually, to successfully launching the first four Glossier products on her already highly trafficked blog. Glossier eventually became the fan-favorite that it is today: a recognized leader in the direct-to-consumer beauty industry.

The Science of Glossier

Glossier’s products are designed for all skin types and are dermatologist tested. The science of this brand reflects the soul behind its mission; one in which inclusivity, engagement, and excellent service are top priority.

From cruelty-free makeup to gender-neutral body products, you’ll find labels like Vegan, Noncomedogenic, Gynecologist Tested, Softening, Clearing, Long-wearing, along with many other desirable highlights and features available across the Glossier product line. Each product is carefully crafted for effectiveness, performance, and top-quality results, all while using clean ingredients.

Take, for example,  Glossier’s Solution, an exfoliating skin protector: In a clinical trial, 3 out of 4 Solution daily users said their skin looked smoother, brighter and clearer after 1 week. Beneath these statistics (displayed alongside respective products on the brand’s website), you’ll find awards information (of which Glossier’s products have won plenty) and a full list of ingredients used in each product — all in the name of transparency.

The Soul of Glossier

Giving a voice to the real beauty community is engrained in the Glossier’s mission. The company’s core values of inclusivity, devotion to the customer, curiosity, courageousness, and discernment shape the internal business practices and drive a heavy focus on engaging with people from all walks of life.

Glossier’s commitment to serving everyone is reflected in their open and inviting dialogue across social media, their fresh, approachable personality, and even in their affordable pricing. Whether you come across a playful, Glossier-fan selfie while scrolling Instagram, or pass a line that extends multiple blocks outside of the Glossier showroom in NYC (pre-pandemic, of course), the loyal community behind this brand is evidence of both a premium product line and personality — and a community excited to engage because they know they’re being heard.

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