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Why We Love Grove

Scrubbing floors and washing windows may not be our favorite activity, and with all the toxic ingredients and single use plastic in the cleaning industry, it’s not the environment’s favorite activity either. That is, until Grove Collaborative.

Grove revolutionizes the household essentials industry by selling cleaning supplies, health care items, and beauty products made out of Earth-friendly ingredients. All of the products that Grove sells in their marketplace, whether their own brand or partner brands, meet strict standards including being nontoxic, effective, sustainable, and cruelty-free. Grove makes it easy to shop for sustainable, effective products that your house, body, and the earth will love.

The TL; DR

  • Marketplace that helps you find effective, healthy essentials like cleaning supplies and personal care items
  • All products, including their own brand, are natural, plant-based, and come in eco-friendly packaging
  • Grove and the Arbor Day Foundation plant a tree across the United States for each shipment
  • Adjustable monthly shipments with carbon offsets for every box
  • By 2025, Grove will be 100% plastic-free
  • Choose a FREE gift set with first purchase of $29+, including Mrs. Meyer’s products or Grove’s own brand products

Grove Origin Story

Est. 2014

One sunny day in San Francisco, three friends asked what the world could be if people were provided with an easy way to find healthy home essentials. The answer became Grove Collaborative. Basing its products on non-toxicity, transparency, ethical supply chains, and sustainability, Grove soon found thousands of customers invested in prioritizing the environment and making their world a better place. As the company grew and they offered clean products in more categories outside of just home products, so did the trust Grove had with consumers, both new and old, who looked for guidance on what sustainable products to use in all aspects of life. To this day, thousands of people turn to Grove to find sustainable products that meet Grove’s high standards.

Over the past three years, Grove has launched new brands like their clean beauty brand Superbloom and plastic-free personal care brand Peach. They have acquired leaders in clean health products like Sundaily’s ingestible skincare, Sustain Natural’s period and sexual health products, and Rooted Beauty’s antioxidant-rich skincare. And as they grow their businesses and offerings, they set larger sustainable goals for themselves to accomplish, like planting one million trees by 2022 and going plastic-free by 2025.

The Science of Grove

Est. 2018

Grove uses the Earth as a template, creating their products from sustainable plant-based ingredients. Typical cleaners contain harmful components like ammonia, chlorine, triclosan, and other chemicals. These cleaners don’t just harm the planet; they irritate the respiratory system, damage skin, and are often carcinogenic.

Grove’s own home cleaning brand, Grove Co., creates products from Seedling Tree-Free paper and ultra-concentrated laundry detergents, to 100% natural fragrances and ethically-produced home accessories. Their vegan, plant-based skincare line Superbloom uses all-natural ingredients to protect skin from environmental stressors and toxins.

The Grove Standard, a set of standards that each product and partner has to meet to be featured in Grove’s marketplace created in consult with experts in the space with over 100 years of industry experience, includes more than just reviewing the ingredients. Grove takes into account the brand’s ethics, social welfare, and sustainability practices from shipping to production. Each product is scrutinized and tested to ensure it does its job and doesn’t harm the environment, so that the consumers don’t have to do too much research and can get back to cleaning like they want. Grove’s monthly subscriptions are also flexible and easy to adjust so that you never have too much of one product.

The Soul of Grove

The soul of Grove’s brand is clear: to help consumers put the earth first in all aspects of home and personal care. Grove is part of a series of brands that truly help the Earth and its people in all aspects of their business. They are always pushing themselves to be a better resource for their consumers and be the leader in sustainability. Currently, they are not only carbon-neutral, but also plastic-netural. This means that every for ounce of plastic used in shipping, they work with non-profits to remove that amount from the ocean. But they’re not stopping there; Grove plans to be completely plastic-free by 2025.

Grove also works with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees for all shipments. Their goal is to have planted one million trees by 2022, and their seedling program works to replant forests and avoid deforestation, replacing paper with bamboo fiber.

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