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Safer bikes for kids and teens that eliminate head-over-handlebar accidents.
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Why We Love Guardian Bikes

For kids, learning how to ride a bike is a weeks or months-long process of terrifying trial and error, involving repeated, painful falls and accidental crashes. Guardian Bikes takes the training wheels off while giving kids the balance, control, and safety they need in order to learn to ride without fear. With their unique SureStop brake system that eliminates the always-feared head-over-handlebar accident, Guardian’s kid-tested and parent-approved bikes with over 5,000 five star reviews help children everywhere enjoy the benefits that biking has to offer, safely.

The TL; DR

  • Bikes that help kids of all ages learn how to ride a bike safely
  • Faster braking system, to help prevent accidents and injuries for kids and adults
  • Their size guide helps anyone find the perfect fit
  • 100 day trial test ride, free shipping and returns
  • Returned bikes are donated to charities and non-profits, to help those in need

Guardian Bikes Origin Story

Est. 2012

While returning from high school one day, Brian Riley witnessed his grandfather in a biking accident. A car cut him off, forcing him to quickly brake. Because he gripped his front brake too hard, the front wheel locked, which threw him over the handlebars, breaking several vertebrae. Riley wanted desperately to prevent these biking accidents from happening again, and knew one way to do it was to dig into the mechanics of the bike brakes.

While in college, Riley developed SureStop, a braking system that applies pressure on both wheels equally when one pulls the lever. After learning that 300,000 children end up in the emergency room every single year due to biking accidents, Riley and his partner Kyle Jansen designed children’s bikes of all sizes featuring the SureStop brakes. Their bikes would go on to prevent thousands of accidents, and help kids learn to ride their bikes safely.

The Science of Guardian Bikes

The main technological innovation of Guardian Bikes is the SureStop braking system. When the single lever is pulled, the wheels brake evenly, vastly reducing the chances of a fall or crash and allowing a stop 44% faster. But that’s far from the only addition. While ten pounds might not seem like much, Guardian Bikes are ten pounds lighter than normal bikes, which gives much needed balance and control to a child who needs it most. A long wheelbase and low center of gravity adds to this control, adding confidence to someone learning to ride a bike for the first time.

The Soul of Guardian Bikes

Guardian Bikes has helped thousands of children ride safely, confidently, and securely thanks to their SureStop technology. Moreover, whenever an opened bike is returned to the company within their trial period, it gets donated to a local charity or non-profit. Children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a bike are now free to crest hills and feel the wind through their hair with Guardian’s safe bike.

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