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The perfect hijab for the powerful women of the world
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Why We Love Haute Hijab

Benazir Bhutto – former prime minister of Pakistan and the first democratically elected female leader of any Muslim country, once said: “The best hijab is in the eyes of the beholder.” But not even she could have imagined the vast range of wonderful choices which Haute Hijab makes available.

The Jersey hijab – soft, stretchy and outrageously comfortable.
Chiffon hijabs – light, airy and versatile.
Woven hijabs – bamboo fiber that offers sun protection, breathability and anti-bacterial benefits.
Satin hijabs – a smooth brilliant shine that resists wrinkles.
The Heritage Collection – infused with the spirit of traditional Islamic art.
Sport hijabs – groundbreaking fabrics that use coffee beans (!) to feel weightless during intense workouts.
The Tech Cap – an ergonomically designed cap to wear underneath a hood or hijab that stays in place.

And, yes, there’s much more.

The TL; DR

  • A vision to elevate the experience of wearing a hijab for Muslim women
  • Inspired by the Islamic tradition of Ishaan – performing with beauty and excellence
  • Many choices – of materials, colors, designs
  • Applies the best technology in the fashion world to ensure durability, breathability, comfort
  • ‘Give $10, get $10’: $10 gift if we give a friend $10 off their first order

The Haute Hijab Origin Story

Est. 2010

It’s a decade since husband and wife team Melanie Elturk and Ahmed Zedan realized that the fashion world was leaving hijabs and headscarves out in the cold. Despite the amazing innovation and creativity we see in the fashion sector, it was still tough for Muslim women to get hold of comfortable, chic hijabs. Melanie was determined to put this right, and offer a collection that celebrates the incredible power of Muslim women, reinforces pride in what it means to stand on the shoulders of the countless female leaders, warriors, artists, educators, scholars and caregivers who have come before. Today, she is proud to describe American Muslim women as the “most highly educated religious group in the country”.

The Science of Haute Hijab

Engineered to perfection, these haute hijabs are made from the best materials including chiffon, satin, silk, and woven fabrics. Rigorous testing ensures that each one is durable, washable, comfortable, breathable, and more. With their innovative and versatile Ultimate Under scarves, Haute Hijab partnered with the fabric technicians at Pyratex and released a collection of headscarves made from a unique fabric with anti-bacterial, cooling, and skin-protective qualities. The history of these clothes may go back to antiquity, but that doesn’t mean that science can’t keep up.

The Soul of Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab believes that, with the hijab, intentions are vital – and the company calls on women everywhere to wear it like you mean it. It’s essential that wearers never forget the why: Was it a natural progression? or an active choice? Haute Hijab has even created the hashtag #LikeYouMeanItHH, enabling women to discuss their intentions, share hijab tutorials, participate in a hijab-style refresh, and stay aware of the hijab’s foundations. This, Melanie claims, is how Haute Hijabs help to enrich lives and nourish souls – for the world’s most powerful women.