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The most sustainable protein powder made out of all-natural ingredients

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Why We Love hi!

Protein powders have become a staple in our recipes and daily routines, but we often don’t know what’s actually in the powder we’re adding to our shakes and muffins. Not to mention, you can taste the chalky flavoring regardless of the other ingredients you put in to cover it up.

hi! is here to change that by creating all-natural, sustainably made protein powder that is better for your digestion and actually tastes good. hi!’s secret? Cricket-powder, a sustainable micro-protein that combines with other natural ingredients to give you the fuel you need. And trust us, you’ll never taste the crickets, but your body will feel much better.

The TL; DR

  • Made out of 13 purposely chosen, better for the planet, nutrient-packed ingredients including cricket powder, the most sustainable microprotein available
  • Sells two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, but no chalky flavoring
  • Uses 90% less plastic than traditional protein powder companies that use plastic tubs
  • Keto-friendly, no added sugar, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly
  • Their Museum of Smoothies gives you fun and healthy recipe ideas to make with your hi!

hi! Origin Story

Est. 2020

Created by Derek McCarty and Josh Campbell, hi!, which stands for Human Improvement, came to be from a shared dislike of the protein powder scene as it was. While they used protein powder in their recipes, both McCarty and Campbell were sick of reaching their hands into big plastic tubs filled with artificial ingredients that didn’t taste good. They decided to reimagine the protein powder experience from beginning to end, specifically focusing on incorporating all-natural and innovative ingredients that could be sustainably sourced. And boy, did they do so.

McCarty and Campbell searched for the best proteins available and stumbled on a micro-protein source that was not often used; crickets. As they learned more and more about the micro-protein that over 2 billion people across the world eat regularly, they realized this was exactly the protein source their powder needed.  So, McCarty and Campbell created hi!’s protein powder in two flavors out of 13 all-natural organic ingredients, including cricket powder. Since hi! launched in early 2020, consumers have been quick to take a chance on cricket-powder due to its great taste, natural benefits, and sustainability focus. hi! believes that the cricket protein movement is just beginning, and they are excited to sing its praises.

The Science of hi!

hi! uses 13 nutrient-packed ingredients in their blends with no artificial fillers or added sugars. And yes, one of those ingredients includes cricket powder, the most nutritious and sustainable micro-protein in the world. Yes, those crickets, and no, Campbell and McCarty are not insane. 2 billion people around the world eat micro-proteins like cricket protein powder as their main protein source. Cricket protein powder is more nutritious than plants, featuring amino acids, vitamin B12, fiber, and prebiotics. These ingredients make hi! the easiest to digest protein powder available. hi!’s protein blend also includes organic pumpkin protein powder, organic brown rice protein powder, and organic pea protein powder. Ingredients like cacao powder, natural dark chocolate flavor, dairy free coconut milk, flaxseed, organic stevia, monk fruit extract, pink Himalayan salt, and MCT make it tasty and not chalky.

The Soul of hi!

While using crickets to make protein powder may turn heads at first, it’s actually much better for humans and the environment than other powders and supplements that we put in our bodies daily. The production of cricket-powder is nothing like other protein powder sources. Cricket protein powder needs 93% less land and 80% less water than livestock to produce. And the CO2 emissions that come from manufacturing hi! are substantially less than any other protein powder, emitting 93% less Greenhouse Gas than livestock.

hi! also rids themselves of the clunky, half-empty protein plastic tub, making them plastic-free. When you switch from a plastic tub to hi!’s packages, you’ll save 844 water bottles worth of plastic per year. Whether you’re a protein powder veteran or someone looking to add it to your daily routine, hi! is the most sustainable. Embrace the crickets, and reap the benefits.

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