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Where herbal remedies meet clinical science
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Why We Love Hilma

See ya later, sugar-coated, artificial dye-infused and flavored “vitamins.” That’s right glucose syrup and red dye #40, we’re talking to you.

Hilma makes it possible to break up with the pesky, toxic ingredients found in traditional vitamins, pills, and supplements so you can make room for clean cabinet staples. Formulated with natural ingredients by doctors using herbs and minerals — you can now enjoy natural remedies backed by science without staining your fingers concocting a turmeric wellness blend in your kitchen or having to forage the woods for willow bark (and yeah, we’ve foraged).

The TL; DR

  • Naturally drug-free, Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, nut-free and soy-free
  • No synthetic colors, fillers, dyes, sweeteners or flavors
  • Scientifically rigorous, clinically proven and third-party lab tested
  • Partners with GrowNYC, investing in New York City green spaces
  • Part of the CarbonFree Fund, using reforestation to cover their manufacturing footprint
  • 100% recyclable packaging

The Hilma Origin Story

Est. 2019

Founders Nina Mullen, Lily Galef, and Hilary Quartner had their holistic lifestyle all together, or so they thought. From organic food in their pantries made with ingredients they could pronounce, cleaning supplies formulated with essential oil blends in their closets and clean cosmetics in their makeup bags—they felt on top of their game and in control of their pure, toxic-free routines. That is, until two years ago, when they realized they all fell short when searching for the touted, on-the-go, “miracle” cure to soothe their aches and pains.

While food, beverage and skincare brands were quickly becoming more transparent, using health conscious ingredients beneficial to people and the planet, it was only right that the immune support category received the same revitalization. When searching for remedies that met their clean label standards, they found the natural options weren’t backed by science and the products that were scientifically supported contained all the nasties they couldn’t trust.

Noticing this, the trio created a new medicine standard that harnessed the power of plants and didn’t taste or look like candy. That’s right, sucrose has officially left the chat. Three clinical studies, two years of research, and one world-class team of scientists later — Hilma finally arrived on the scene.

The Science of Hilma

Tried, tested and true. Hilma’s new category of “clinical herbal” supplements are co-formulated with their scientific advisory board comprised of MDs, PhDs, and professional herbalists. Hilma’s supplements go through a minimum of four rounds of testing during production. Beyond the petri dish, Hilma hosts in-depth research studies as well as single-group-studies with real people.

All of their herbal blends avoid an extensive laundry list of 40 harmful ingredients that are found in most over-the-counter products (like dyes, fillers, added sugars, and artificial preservatives). Hilma is certainly picky with their ingredients, but it’s for a great purpose. So sorry blue dye, you can’t sit with us.

Hilma is Clean Label Project certified, third party tested, Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and (and) cruelty-free. Their complete wellness line—Immune Support, Upset Stomach Relief, Tension Relief, and Indoor/Outdoor Support products — feature effective plant-based ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and spirulina, as well as essential minerals like zinc and magnesium. These herbal, botanical, and mineral ingredients work synergistically for your optimal health, so you don’t have to do the guesswork.

The Soul of Hilma

At a time when it’s absolutely critical to invest in your health, it seems counterintuitive to take vitamin supplements formulated with artificial dyes, superficial flavors, GMOs, and tons of sugar. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of the pills, gummies, and powders that we seek out at the first sound of our own sniffles.

Hilma has built a natural brand that brings both clarity and confidence to a very confusing and crowded category. So while you’re purchasing a UV light sanitizer for your phone or a hygienic hand keychain to avoid touching surfaces, it might be time to rethink your daily defense against germs — starting with your daily vitamin.

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