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Naturally-raised meat without unnecessary hormones or antibiotics
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Why We Love The Honest Bison

Choosing your meats today can be like playing a game of Russian Roulette. With so many hormones, preservatives, and antibiotics given to the animals, not to mention the utterly inhumane treatment of factory farms, going vegetarian seems more and more appealing. Thankfully however, Honest Bison is here to keep us eating well and eating right. Their animals are raised with dignity and respect, allowed to graze naturally in wild open spaces, and never polluted with hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. It’s time to say ‘bye, son’ to the large meat corporations, and start eating right with the Honest Bison.

The TL; DR

  • Unprocessed, humanely raised and slaughtered meat that you can trust
  • No feedlots, unnecessary antibiotics, or artificial hormones
  • Bison are raised on grass alone as nature intends
  • Farm-raised elk and venison are free to forage for food naturally
  • Certified by Paleo and American Grassfed

The Honest Bison Origin Story

Est. 2012

Sean Lenihan, the founder of Honest Bison, realized several years ago that bison are so much more than animals for food. They are a quintessential aspect of America, of the strength and resilience that has made this country a home for people of all stripes. Lenihan and his team wanted to give these beautiful animals lives that they deserve: large open spaces for grazing, living together with other bison.

With meats like bison, elk, and venison coming back into style, the industry of factory farming has responded accordingly, trying to squeeze as much profit as possible at the expense of the animals. Honest Bison refused to take shortcuts. Since their founding, every bison, elk, and deer has been raised with respect and dignity on large American farms. The result is clear: fantastic-tasting meat you can feel safe in eating.

The Science of Honest Bison

When it comes to raising their bison, Honest Bison decided correctly that Mother Nature knew what was best for these amazing creatures. Feeding on grass alone, living in open fields with their families, never given hormones or other pollutants all results in the happiest and healthiest animals possible. When it comes time to slaughter, Honest Bison uses the field kill method, a humane process that ends the animal’s life without pain or anxiety. These animals have given America so much, and Honest Bison seeks to return the favor by giving them the best lives possible.

The Soul of Honest Bison

The meat industry today is, frankly, disgusting. Factory farms, mass-slaughter, animals caged their entire lives, pumped full of hormones and isolated from their family. Honest Bison refuses all of this, refuses to mistreat their animals for profit. They set a standard for the industry that we can only hope the major companies decide to follow. It’s not only for the sake of the animals; when they’re raised naturally and with respect, that carries over into the meat for a far healthier meal. We are at a crisis in our treatment of animals for food today, but Honest Bison is leading the stampede toward a better way.

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