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Why We Love Hydrow

Anyone who’s ever rowed crew has spent a time where the ergometer, or rowing machine, is the bane of their existence. These machines are used (often incorrectly) for cardio workouts, but their main purpose is to simulate rowing on the water. Until Hydrow, erg machines have failed miserably in this simulation. Decades old equipment, horribly uncomfortable seats, and improper drag make up the standard rowing machine. Hydrow decided that enough is enough, and produced a rowing machine worthy of the men and women who use it.

The TL; DR

  • A completely redesigned rowing (erg) machine
  • Electromagnetic, computer-controlled drag mechanism
  • Feels like actually rowing on the water
  • 22” HD touchscreen display
  • Only the best materials; this machine is built to last

The Hydrow Origin Story

Est. 2017

It may come as no surprise that the founder and CEO of Hydrow, Bruce Smith, was a USA national rowing team coach. Smith saw and experienced firsthand the antiquated nature of modern rowing machines, and decided that it was up to him to fix the problem. Combining the look of a racing shell, cutting-edge hardware, and an immersive video screen experience, the Hydrow was born.

Smith’s “Live Outdoor Experience” surpassed its $100,000 funding goal in four minutes, and the masses cried out for more. Where its predecessor was noisy and cumbersome, the Hydrow is sleek and silent in use. Where the old models use a flywheel to simulate drag, the Hydrow allows for full orientation in every aspect, so that each rower can adjust the machine to their preferences. In short, Smith has created a revolution in ergonomic technology.

The Science of Hydrow

Bruce Smith, and his development partner Chris Paul, knew that they couldn’t make a better machine by using old technology. Instead, they sought to re-create the sleek design of a rowing shell on land. While previous designs use a flywheel to simulate the drag of water, the Hydrow incorporates electromagnets and computer controls to do it perfectly. The 22” interactive touchscreen display allows for proper stroke technique, as well as the feeling of truly rowing out on the lake. Finally, the 10-roller seat and the cast-aluminum top rail means that you’ll be sliding along silently and comfortably.

The Soul of Hydrow

Hydrow set out to be much more than a top of the line rowing machine. Rowing is and always will be a community, and Hydrow is seeking to connect as many people through the sport as possible. Live workouts, interactive blogs, and community boathouses make up just a portion of what Hydrow has built. Rowing crew is not just a sport for the rich and elite- it’s for everyone who loves the feel of gliding cleanly through the water, and Hydrow is helping bring the sport to as many people as possible.

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