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Sustainably created Ultra Coffee that is 20x more powerful than regular coffee
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Why We Love Jot

Coffee-lovers everywhere rejoice, there’s a new brand in town that will change the way you think about coffee completely. Jot makes a pure form of coffee called Ultra Coffee, which is brewed at a much higher concentrate than regular coffee, making it 20x more powerful than your average cup of joe. With just one tablespoon of Jot’s concentrate, you can create the coffee drink of your choice that will keep you wired and focused all day. Plus, Jot’s brewing process is more sustainable than the average coffee brewing process, making Jot a win on all accounts.

The TL; DR

  • Made out of Ultra Coffee, which is 20x the concentrate as regular coffee
  • Uses organic ethically farmed beans
  • No brewing equipment required to create whatever coffee drink you want
  • Each bottle makes 14 cups
  • Subscribe & save options and 100% satisfaction guarantee

Jot Origin Story

Est. 2020

Jot is the brain child of seasoned DTC food veterans Andrew Gordon and Palo Hawken. Gordon, who founded the popular protein bar Square Organics, and Hawken, who is behind the designs of several health and wellness drink brands like REBBL, combined their expertise to tackle the at home coffee drinking experience. Originally created to offer a premium coffee experience to anyone, anywhere due to the nature of their liquid concentrate, Jot has made a name for itself based on the punch their concentrate packs in a single tablespoon, completely changing the coffee routine for the better.

The two created a completely new process for extraction and brewing coffee. Then, partnering with farms across Central and South America to ethically harvest organic beans, they perfected a coffee concentrate 20x more powerful than regular coffee. Jot’s entire production process not only focused on harvesting the best possible concentrate, but also making a sustainable business model that was environmentally friendly. And Jot has jolted to the front of coffee-lovers shelves everywhere, creating an entirely new coffee drinking experience at-home that tastes better than you can even imagine.

The Science of Jot

Jot’s ingredient label is simple: Filtered Water and Organic Coffee. Their coffee beans, which are used to brew Ultra Coffee, are sourced from organic  and sustainable farms across Central and South America. The secret to what makes Jot’s Ultra Coffee so good and different than the coffee you’re used to drinking is in the way Jot brews it, which makes it 20 times more concentrated than regular coffee and gives it the richest taste. Like espresso, Ultra Coffee is brewed at its final concentration. During the brewing process, nothing is removed or added.

Once Ultra Coffee is in its concentrate form, all you need is one tablespoon to make your coffee drink of choice. Whether you’re a black coffee drinker, espresso enthusiast, or latte lover, you can make your favorite coffee drink with just one tablespoon of Jot’s Ultra Coffee. And from The Fascination team’s personal experience, you’ll likely enjoy your drink even more with Jot’s fresh taste. It’s that good.


The Soul of Jot

Ultra Coffee is the future, not only because of the power it packs when you drink it, but also the environmental benefits of brewing it. Ultra Coffee yields more per bean in the brewing process. While most coffee grounds, pods, and filters wind up in landfills, Jot composts 100% of their grounds for farmers to use for soil. Plus, each Jot comes in their signature 200ml Italian glass bottle, which is reusable and recyclable.

Jot also ensures they are working with ethical farms to source their beans. They have sold limited edition brews like Wavelength, which they made through a partnership with Claudia Rivera of the woman-owned Finca La Virgen farm. Rivera’s farm works on sustainable agriculture practices and invests in female entrepreneurship programs in Nicaragua. Expect more of these tasty limited edition brews from farms that you’ll want to support in the coming months, but act fast because when they do launch, they sell out quickly.

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Free Shipping when you buy 2 or more bottles





Free Shipping when you buy 2 or more bottles




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Free Shipping when you buy 2 or more bottles