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Why We Love JUDY

This year has given us a LOT to worry about. Pandemics, murder hornets, fire tornadoes, floods — 2020 was a basically year spent in a perpetual state of anxiety.

Thankfully, brands like JUDY are providing some peace of mind to those who want to be prepared for emergencies, worst-case scenarios, and any other ridiculously unpredictable year like 2020. JUDY kits have been designed for every scenario, and claim to offer 72 hours of support — complete with safety, warmth, tools, and food and water supplies.

The TL; DR

  • Being prepared for the next emergency or disaster
  • Tools, first aid, supplies, food and water – all in one place. Enough to survive the critical first 72 hours
  • Choice of kit options – from The Starter to The Safe
  • Digitally connected – emergency SMS alerts
  • Special offers

The JUDY Origin Story

Simon Huck, JUDY co-founder and CEO, alongside co-founder Joshua Udashkin, had noticed friends and family affected by emergencies – “From floods in Florida, to storm surges along the coast, to fires destroying years of memories.”  They’d also seen statistics showing that, whilst natural disasters are on the rise (310 million Americans affected since 2010), more than 60% of families had no disaster plan or supplies on hand to deal with the unexpected.

Their concept was simple but powerful: to consult with survivalists, first responders and firefighters to shortlist the essential content for an emergency kit, and to harness digital resources in a way that had never been tried before – in particular by making available over 100 animated videos on coping with natural disaster fallout. No wonder their tagline is “I will get prepared.”

The Science of JUDY

Their top-of-the-range option, The Safe, is described as “the world’s smartest emergency kit”, and certainly lives up to the billing, with 24 life-saving preparedness items – multitools, glow sticks, first aid kit, dust masks, hand warmers, a biohazard bag, meal replacement bas, emergency blankets and more – all within a bright orange waterproof box.

The 24/7 SMS text alerts and downloadable plans and guides make JUDY the world’s first digitally connected kit of its kind. And we love the cool hand-crank radio with a built-in flashlight and USB charge port (also bright orange so it can’t be missed if the power’s out).

Experts agree that, in any emergency, the first 72 hours are vital. The JUDY kit has been curated by top certified emergency managers and disaster response experts – resulting in a set of supplies across the 6 categories of warmth, safety, tools, first-aid, food and water which are vital to getting through those all-important 3 days. The JUDY assumes that, for 72 hours, there’s no access to running water and the electricity supply has failed. It’s not often that a few hundred bucks can make so much difference.

The Soul of JUDY

JUDY is about peace of mind. With a fully stocked emergency kit, we can get on with our regular lives, secure in the knowledge that, if disaster strikes, we’re no longer as vulnerable as we once were.  Also JUDY is a great gift for loved ones, especially elderly relatives, who we might be unable to reach in person in the aftermath of an emergency.

Get $100 OFF the JUDY Ready System

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