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A CBD brand for women to sleep better, be more productive, and balance moods.
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Why We Love Juna

Juna is the women-focused CBD brand that the busy CBD landscape has been missing.

Made by moms, Juna creates certified organic CBD blends out of all-natural ingredients that help women sleep better, be more productive, balance moods, and be the best version of themselves overall. Shop by concern like sleep, mood, pain, or stress, and Juna will point you to their blend that will help you bring your best self to the table.

The TL; DR

  • CBD blends made out of all-natural, certified organic ingredients specifically formulated to help mind, mood, sleep, and overall wellness
  • A brand made by moms to help women live their fullest life
  • Offers transparency in their ingredients and third party-tests their products for efficacy
  • Donates 1% of collective profits to support people and organizations that work with hemp plants

Juna Origin Story

Est. 2018

Juna was founded by mom team Jewel Zimmer and Taylor Lamb to help women achieve their best life through plant-powered formulas. Lamb, who has immense growth marketing experience working at DTC brands like Lunya and Gorjana, searched for all-natural options to help her overall health, balance, and well-being when she became pregnant with her first child. She started plant-powered biohacking to optimize her own wellness, and saw a gap in the market for products specifically formulated to help women. As a serial entrepreneur and chef, Zimmer has dedicated her life working with plants and botanicals to understand their healing properties. She had made a name for herself as a fine dining pastry chef when she and Lamb set their sights on creating a modern wellness brand for women. Combining their years of research on plant-powered formulas and expertise in building successful startups, Zimmer and Lamb partnered to found Juna and create organic formulas that help women optimize their mind, body, mood and sleep.

The Science of Juna

Juna’s mission is to design the most effective plant-based solutions for the modern woman to show up as the best version of herself. Juna blends are made with certified organic and 100% pure ingredients to solve problems from stress to sleep. Juna’s CO2 extraction process ensures that their formulas retain the full spectrum of the cannabinoids, aromatic terpenes, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants so every drop is effective. In addition to high quality CBD, their blends feature natural ingredients that are proven to enhance the effectiveness of CBD. There are no heavy metals, bacterial contaminates, or pesticides, and their blends are third party tested to ensure efficiency. Want to learn more about what’s in your bottle? Juna publishes lab results for each batch for transparency, potency and purity. So, thanks to Juna, you never have to settle for ineffective low-quality CBD blends again.

The Soul of Juna

Juna was created by mothers who needed a natural solution to optimize their every day routine. From creating high quality all-natural products to teaching women about CBD and how to incorporate it into their routine, Juna helps women show up as their true self. Plus, their blends are formulated by an all-women team of chemists, herbalists, and chefs.

With all the farming happening in the CBD industry and because the hemp plant is so important to their mission, Juna donates 1% of collective profits to support people and organizations that work with hemp plants. They make sure their production does not hurt the environment by supporting farms that use regenerative practices to protect biodiversity and fight climate change.

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