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Non-alcoholic spirits made from adaptogens and botanics
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Why We Love Kin Euphorics

Let’s get euphoric! Kin Euphorics’ beverages have all the sharp pop and verve of your favorite cocktail, except without the dull blur of alcohol. Made from nootropics to enhance cognition, adaptogens to lift the mood, and botanics to strengthen the body, Kin Euphorics are designed to elevate the spirit and relax the body. So, I’d like to propose a toast…to a tasty beverage and no hangover.

The TL; DR

  • Delicious, alcohol-free botanical beverages
  • Made from adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics to relax the body and boost the mind
  • Their Dream Light nightcap specifically helps prep the body and mind for sleep
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Kin Euphorics Origin Story

Est. 2017

It didn’t take Jen Batchelor long after her 21st birthday to understand the damage that alcohol was doing to her mind, her body, and her emotional state. Seeking a different way to unwind, and fearful of supermarket “supplements,” Batchelor founded Kin Euphorics as a natural way to relax. As opposed to alcohol, Kin doesn’t just let you keep your mood intact, but actually enhances it. No more rolling out of bed hungover to the morning Zoom meeting; drinking one of Kin’s signature beverages ensures you’ll be feeling fresh and in good spirits no matter the hour.

The Science of Kin Euphorics

The drinks of Kin Euphorics are imbued with three essential aspects: adaptogens, which moderate stress and strengthen the adrenal system, nootropics, which assist cognitive function, and botanics, plants with natural therapeutic or medicinal properties. These three come together in a glass of High Rhode, Dream Light, or Kin Spritz to give the body, mind, and spirit a trinity of goodness all while tasting heavenly.

The Soul of Kin Euphorics

While a glass of wine or beer now and again can be healthy and refreshing, far too many become reliant on alcohol as a daily medicine. It’s not just the liver one need worry about, as alcohol damages not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. Kin Euphorics offers a healthy, natural alternative, one that doesn’t steal from tomorrow and doesn’t drain but enhances your body’s resources.

Kin Euphorics as a brand is on a mission to reshape social life to be one that doesn’t rely heavily on drinking alcohol to have fun. Looking to elevate the world’s oldest social tradition, drinking, their beverages facilitate social interactions without the blur of alcohol, and all the negative effects that can accompany it. So next time you’re heading to a gathering, trade out that cliché bottle of wine for one of Kin’s signature beverages.

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