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A modern baby and kids brand built by parents, for parenthood

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Why We Love Lalo

It’s almost baby time! Time to outfit your home with the highchairs, strollers, carriers, and car seats. But with so many brands, finding one that meets at the intersection of affordability, quality, and safety can be harder than brussels sprouts night. Thankfully, Lalo is here, bringing the work of devoted and dedicated parents to as many babies and toddlers as possible.

The TL; DR

  • Finest quality chairs, strollers, carriers, and other essentials for babies
  • Made by and for parents who know what their children need
  • Easily added to registries for weddings and baby showers
  • 100-day risk free trial, and Family Warranty with every purchase
  • Completely free of harmful materials or chemicals

Lalo Origin Story

Est. 2019

Lalo was born to Michael Wieder and Greg Davidson, who believed there could be a better way to shop for baby products. Each felt that both parenting products and the parenting-supply shopping process could use a serious upgrade after seeing family and friends go through the confusing and expensive shopping experience. They wanted to provide first-time parents with the tools and resources to meet this new chapter in their lives with confidence and emulate what they hoped to see when they became parents themselves. As new dads now, their belief remains the same as when they started the company – the job of parenting should be more important than the task of shopping for it.

Starting with its signature, Daily Stroller, Lalo quickly took the market by storm, expanding from a single product to a full line of effective baby essentials for the modern parent. Creating products based on straightforward, functional, and transparent design proved to be exactly what modern parents need. More than just a place to shop, Lalo, which stands for Love All Little Ones, has grown into a community of parents who share their feedback, their struggles, their victories, and their personal parenting journeys, openly, with one another.

The Science of Lalo

Each of Lalo’s parenting products are designed to be simple, efficient, and intuitive. New parents face hundreds of different challenges as their families grow and adapt, so shopping for essentials should be as quick and painless as possible.

Lalo works closely with their design teams in New York and Scandinavia, as well as their manufacturer in China to ensure that safety is the number one priority — for every single product. Each product in the Lalo line meets the ASTM government standards and is compliant with Prop. 65, ensuring that their chairs, strollers, and other parenting tools contain no harmful chemicals or materials.

The Soul of Lalo

Becoming a parent is an exciting, scary, confusing, wonderful, and stressful time. Lalo has purposefully designed each and every one of its essential items to be as simple, stylish, and easy-to-use as possible. For a very long time, the baby market was saturated with products that lacked transparency and forced parents to purchase materials that were unsafe and unhealthy. With Lalo, parents can shop with confidence, knowing that they’ve got this aspect of parenting practically perfect.

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