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Why We Love Leesa Sleep

Dedicated to providing a good night’s sleep for everyone, Leesa has quickly become one of the foremost mattress-in-a-box businesses. With the era of brick and mortar mattress stores largely over, Leesa swooped in to fill a considerable void. They currently offer four different mattress types in every size, along with every type of accessory: frames, foundations, pillows, sheets, and more. Beyond selling some of the most comfortable beds ever made, Leesa has dedicated themselves to ending bedlessness, donating over 37,000 mattresses to date. From good nights to good mornings, Leesa are truly doing good in the world.

The TL; DR

  • Extremely strong and dedicated social impact program
  • Four different mattresses, for every preference and price range
  • Every mattress is made to order and manufactured right here in the USA
  • 100-night risk free trial, so you can make sure that you love it
  • Fantastic customer support for any and all issues

The Leesa Origin Story

Est. 2014

Armed with only a small team and knowledge of the business, co-founders David Wolfe, Jamie Diamonstein, and founding team member, Matt Hayes, began designing a new type of mattress in 2014. The Leesa Original Mattress was quickly born, revolutionizing the industry with its breathable foam, contouring support, and signature cover. Once Leesa knew what they had, the R&D team took off, following up in the next few years with the Leesa Hybrid and Leesa Legend.

However, there is so much more to this company than their excellent products. Leesa has made ending bedlessness their mission from day one, donating one mattress for every ten sold with their 1 Good Bed Promise program. In no time at all they became a registered B Corp, a rare certification given only to the most socially conscious companies. Today, Leesa’s impact is felt across the United States, as they continue to fulfill their mission and have every person sleeping well.

The Science of Leesa

When making a mattress that someone needs to buy before they try, the status quo just isn’t going to work. Leesa knew this, and so they designed a bed that everyone would sleep well on. Memory foam is very comfortable, but also hot and dense when slept on. Leesa put it underneath their top layer of breathable foam, ensuring that their mattresses would remain both supportive and cool throughout the night. The base layer of foam gives support to all the right places, regardless of how a person sleeps. The Leesa Hybrid and Legend add in a layer of individually wrapped coiled steel springs, giving additional edge support and bounce for those who need it.

The Soul of Leesa

Leesa’s ultimate mission is not profit; it is ending the bedlessness which plagues so many throughout the US. As one of the top-rated B Corps, Leesa has more than proven their word when it comes to giving back. Their 1 Good Bed Promise donates one bed for every ten sold: giving over 37,000 mattresses so far to those in need. Furthermore, Leesa has partnered with over 1,000 non-profits nationwide to organize large giving events. Always striving the be the “Makers of Good,” Leesa has been named among the top 100 social impact companies of 2019.

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