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Why We Love Little Spoon

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Long hours, no pay, and your boss can be…unreasonable at times. Little Spoon knows this, and so they have founded a simple brand to make parents’ lives easier everywhere. Ready-made meals, delicious and nutritious, that can be easily prepared during a high-stress day, or slipped into your child’s backpack as you rush to get ready for the morning.

All you need do is heat and eat, satisfying one of your biggest job requirements. We guarantee a promotion, or at the very least, the health and satisfaction of the ones you love the most.

The TL; DR

  • Dedicated to making the lives of parents easier
  • Healthy, tasty, and nutritious meals that kids will love
  • Affordable prices, so no one need choose between quality and price
  • Products for all ages- newborns through kindergartners

The Little Spoon Origin Story

Est. 2016

Little Spoon was founded by a combination of moms and food product executives, to fill a considerable lack of healthy, affordable meals for children. Their first product was Babyblends, organic purees for infants. Once this took off, Little Spoon dipped into a wider market, creating twenty different heat-and-eat meal Plates for toddlers and older kids, every one of them organic, full of hidden vegetables and vitamins, and loved by children.

Little Spoon’s subscription model allows for four, six, nine, or twelve meals delivered every week, each one only costing about five dollars. This all combines to form a wonderful combination of health, affordability, and convenience that every parent and child has loved.

The Science of Little Spoon

The picture of the “fussy eater” is on every parent’s mind when it comes to mealtime, and that’s why Little Spoon has ingeniously disguised the nutrients in their meals. From chicken nuggets filled with kale, carrots, and cauliflower, to mac-and-cheese loaded with butternut squash and carrots, and so many more. Every single meal uses 100% clean ingredients, free from preservatives, full of vitamins and probiotics. While your child is eating their favorite tortellini or meatballs, they’re getting all the daily vitamins and nutrients they need to grow strong.

The Soul of Little Spoon

There’s no parent in the world who will tell you that raising kids is a breeze. The mothers who founded Little Spoon knew the struggle personally, and they wanted only to make it easier for other mothers and fathers. Too many children go without their proper nutrients, their parents, unable to cook after working two jobs, having to rely on fast food because it’s easy and affordable. Little Spoon knows this too, and so they made their products just as easy, and just as affordable. Making the lives of parents and children better alike, Little Spoon is one you won’t be able to put down.

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