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Why We Love Lord Jones

Regal, elevated, sophisticated, grand.

These are words that we think about when discussing Lord Jones. No, Lord Jones is not a person. Lord Jones is one of our favorite brands bringing CBD to new heights.

By crafting refined CBD products suitable for your morning, noon and night rituals, Lord Jones is adding a tinge of luxury and delight to self care. Lord Jones believes that when self-care is paired with the right products, it’s the perfect way to carve out a miniature oasis in a rather stressful world. The brand wants you to take this time to honor yourself and show yourself the self-love and respect it most definitely deserves, and they give you the tools to do it through their high-quality CBD products.

Lord Jones sells a variety of CBD products: skincare, tinctures, gummies, chocolates, lotions, bath products, and supplements. Use these products to craft the self care ritual that is best for your body, schedule, and mind thanks to high-quality and effective CBD.

The TL; DR

  • Elevated CBD brand that offers products including edibles, tinctures, skincare and more
  • Cruelty-free skincare products that are also made without harmful ingredients
  • Has full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD options
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Shop their product bundles to save

Lord Jones Origin Story

Est. 2017

Lord Jones, one of the first CBD brands to bring CBD mainstream and a leader in the category, was created by a husband and wife team who wanted to simplify the CBD experience. When Co-Founders Cindy Capobianco and Robert Rosenheck moved from NYC to LA in the mid 2000s, they became involved in the medical marijuana movement. They found that purchasing medical marijuana products was a mixed bag, never knowing the quality of experience they would have. They wanted to normalize and standardize the industry in a way that more people could trust the quality of what they were getting.

As Capobianco and Rosenheck became more involved in the process, they learned about the potential of the CBD compound in helping people’s overall health and wellness. So they set out to make their own best in class CBD formulas while also creating an elevated brand that people would want to buy from.  When they launched, they cultivated a cult following in LA, which allowed them to expand across the country and become a leader in the CBD movement. Their famous elevated CBD gumdrops and single-origin dark chocolate kicked off their product assortment, and they have since expanded into skincare, lotions, tinctures, and bath products, all of which have gotten high praise and won awards. They continue to test out new CBD developments to ensure they are getting everything that CBD has to offer.

The Science of Lord Jones

Lord Jones’s luxury products are formulated with the finest CBD, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. CBD is one of the 100 active compounds found in the cannabis plant, and interacts with the Endocannabinoid System, the system in your body that maintains balance. The Endocannabinoid system is affected by stress, appetite, metabolism, mood, energy, and more. It can also support healthy skin.

Lord Jones uses a whole plant formula for their hemp-derived CBD extract, which means it contains many of the plant’s original compounds including phytocannabinoids, plant oils, and terpenes. There are “Full Spectrum” and “Broad Spectrum” formulas in their product mix. Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the extracts naturally found in the cannabis plant including small, trace amounts of THC (.3% or less). Broad Spectrum CBD does not contain THC but still has all the naturally found extracts in a cannabis plant.  All of their batches undergo rigorous testing, and they publish the results of each batch’s tests

Because Lord Jones is the the purveyor of fine CBD wellness products, they take a sophisticated spin on all of their products. Each 15ml (.5oz) bottle of Lord Jones tincture contains at least 500 mg of broad or full spectrum CBD. It can be applied to the skin or mixed with a beverage. Their supplements range from 250 -500mg of broad or full spectrum CBD. And their bestselling gumdrops come in flavors reminiscent of a classy cocktail list.

The Soul of Lord Jones

Lord Jones uses these high-quality CBD formulas to create a variety of products that support different functions of the body. Their products are cruelty free, free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and formaldehyde, and made from hemp grown in the USA.

Lord Jones is one of the CBD brands who advocated for and lead the development of CBD in the US during the 2010s. They want their customers to trust that their products are made out of the highest quality CBD, and they continue to develop the cutting-edge scientific formulas to ensure they are getting the best that CBD have to offer. Lord Jones encourages everyone to put themselves and their relaxation first, and gives consumers the tools to invest in themselves.

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