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Providing stage-based playtime — with a purpose
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Why We Love Lovevery

Childhood is a crucially important period, and connections made early in life can have effects many years down the road. That’s why Lovevery makes their toys to stimulate neural growth, so kids can develop their brains while having fun! Every toy is made to promote a certain type of psychological development, and a certain stage in childhood, from newborns to kindergartners.

The TL; DR

  • Fun and creative toys for kids to enjoy at every stage of growth
  • Helps the neural development of children
  • Parents can enjoy the time reading the books given alongside their children’s toys

The Lovevery Origin Story

Est. 2015

Longtime friends Jessica Rolph and Rod Morris joined forces in 2015 to found Lovevery, Rolph’s second baby venture after she sold her baby food business Happy Family. This time, Rolph wanted to focus on children’s growth and learning, as she saw her own three kids growing up. Together, Rolph and Morris created a business devoted to unique, creative, educational toys that every child would enjoy.

The Science of Lovevery

Based on meticulous pediatric research, Lovevery’s every toy has some aspect of cognitive development intertwined with the blocks, colors, or jungle gym. From simple object permanence, to literacy and mathematics, each toy will teach children as they play normally. The team has distilled the information behind each toy into a book, which parents can read while their child is playing. The toys also target specific stages of growth, and Lovevery offers a subscription to have toys arrive every few months as your baby grows up!

The Soul of Lovevery

Children today are sadly often lacking in simple, tangible toys to play with. The introduction of smartphones and tablets can make it too easy for many tired parents to simply hand over to their children. While there is plenty to learn online, mobile apps don’t allow for the same amount of cognitive and behavioral development. Lovevery is helping reinforce the value of living and playing out of a screen, as well as the bond forged by a parent and child playing together. These are values that we must not lose, and Lovevery is making sure we retain them.

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