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Beautiful, comfortable silk sleepwear for the modern woman
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Why We Love Lunya

Let’s be honest, pajamas aren’t just for sleeping. Otium hours, the periods of rest we move in and out of daily, deserve a restorative, carefully crafted look of their own.
Whether you’re eating, playing, resting, reading, writing, or merely contemplating, Lunya’s designs intentionally support you enjoying your R&R, your way. From lay-flat pockets and straps that don’t slip, to intimates that won’t ride up and styles that make you feel uber cool, this brand’s designs and internally-developed fabrics focus on supporting deeper rest, temperature control, and muscle recovery.

The TL; DR

  • Comfortable, chic and thoughtfully designed sleepwear
  • Versatile — perfect for cozy nights on the couch or morning coffee and reading rituals
  • Designed to reclaim the beauty in your otium (resting) hours
  • Founded by a modern woman, crafted for the modern woman
  • Premium materials only (list below)

The Lunya Origin Story

Est. 2012

Ashley Merrill, Lunya’s Founder and CEO, conceptualized the company after catching her reflection in the mirror sporting her standard nighttime uniform: her husband’s old frat t-shirt and rolled up boxer briefs. Her hard and fast realization, that she wasn’t putting thought and care into what she wore during the time she looked forward to most each day, made her question her go-to ensemble. Where could she find modern sleepwear for the modern woman in need of something restorative but also chic?

Without any options on the market that matched her specific desires and aspirations as a driven, entrepreneurial woman with a growing family, Merrill set off to develop the pajamas of her dreams (pun intended).

The Science of Lunya

As Merrill so eloquently put it: Not to hate on plaid, but nothing says I’ve hung up my sex life like an oversized PJ set in holiday plaid.

Touche, Merrill.

On the flip side, lingerie all too often has too much va-va-voom to feel simple and sexy. Being caught between a rock and a hard place when you’re trying to look effortless but still alluring is a feeling we know all-too-well.

Enter Lunya’s thoughtfully designed sleepwear that will take you from the bed, through breakfast into your morning routine. Choose from machine-wash, loose silk slip dresses that cling in all the right places, stylish sets with restorative Pima Cotton fibers, short belted robes and beyond. Each piece is simple in aesthetic but complex in design. While successfully avoiding massive red and green checkers, the variety of neutral shades Lunya offers across premium fabrics and products means your look is put together, subtle yet chic. With functional features, like relaxed fit waistbands for extreme comfort, attached belts so you don’t lose your robe tie mixed with raw hems to show off your legs, and side slit dresses for a sexy touch, no detail is missed.

The team developed predominantly natural fabrics to support rest, recovery, breathability, staying cool and most of all, cozy. Like they say, being deliberate with your loungewear means prioritizing beauty in your life, everyday. 

Lunya Fabrics

Restore Pima: Made from Pima Cotton fibers that increase your blood flow to help you restore, recharge and regenerate

Washable Silk: Naturally thermoregulating silk that you can throw right into the washing machine

Cozy Wool: Soft, natural, thermoregulating wool yarn that’s like being wrapped up in your favorite blanket

Cool Pima: Smart, natural fibers that’ll help keep you cool, dry and refreshed

Organic Pima: GOTS certified organic pima cotton fibers so soft you’ll get that fresh-from-the-dryer feeling, every time

Resort Linen Silk: An all-natural, lightweight, breathable woven collection that travels well

Supportive Modal: An unbelievably soft, compact knit modal that’ll leave you and your best assets feeling well-supported

The Soul of Lunya

Just as Merrill found a need for functional, sustainable yet chic sleepwear, she also aimed to fill the void for women juggling raising children and balancing self-care. Consciously making the decision to clothe yourself in supportive materials with a simple yet luxurious feel goes a long way. The company was founded with a mindset that growth often comes when you throw yourself into situations without a perfect plan, as Merrill did when she found out she was pregnant and on the same day decided to launch Lunya. What began as a one-woman show eventually turned into a team headquartered in Santa Monica focused on helping women simply rest better.

Life’s beautiful way of presenting us with the unpredictable inspired the calm simplicity of Lunya’s aesthetic. Embodying feminine, natural beauty, the brand encourages women from all walks of life to invest in themselves, promising an adoration for the life they’re able to create with a little leap of faith in thoughtfully choosing their lounge look.    

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