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Magic Spoon


Good for you cereal that is low in sugar, high in protein, and reminiscent of your childhood

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Why We Love Magic Spoon

Browse through Magic Spoon’s website and you’ll see this thoughtfully posed question: Why did we grow up, but our cereal didn’t?

Thankfully, Magic Spoon is the answer. By remaking all the childhood classic cereals that we know and live, but with a healthy twist. It’s flavors like Fruity, Cinnamon, Frosted, and Cocoa will make you reminisce on your six-year-old sugary cereal days and ask: Why wasn’t a healthy, flavorful cereal like Magic Spoon around when I was young?

Magic Spoon’s cereals are high protein containing between 13-14g of protein in every bowl, low carb (only 4g net carb per bowl) and zero grams of sugar. Magic Spoon is also grain free, gluten free and never uses artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Can Tony the Tiger say the same about Frosted Flakes?

Magic Spoon is currently only available to purchase online. Order a bundle, which contains four individual boxes of cereal. You also have the option to choose a variety pack consisting of its most popular flavors (fruity, frosted, cocoa, and peanut butter), build a custom pack (option to choose any flavor), or keep it simple and choose four boxes of one flavor. Magic Spoon’s subscribe and save option also mean that consumers can get one case per month at 10% off and never have an excuse to go back to their old cereal.

The TL; DR

  • Taking a modern approach to cereal by reinventing the childhood classics with a healthy twist
  • Comes in six flavors: fruity, peanut butter, cocoa, cinnamon, frosted, blueberry
  • Keto friendly, non-GMO, kosher
  • Subscribe and save options

Magic Spoon Origin Story

Est. 2019

Cofounders Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz are best friends and serial entrepreneurs who, like many people,  grew up eating cereal for breakfast every day . Before founding Magic Spoon, they founded a cricket bar company, Exo, which they sold to Aspire Food Group. As they thought about their next venture, Lewis & Sewitz went back to something they loved, the cereal market, which they realized was ripe for disruption. They had searched years for good for you cereal that didn’t cause the sugary crash that they had become accustomed to. They already realized that cereal blends were still filled with GMOs and sugar, which is especially harmful for the biggest group of cereal consumers, kids. So they decided to make their own cereal brand, inspired by the cereal they grew up with, but without any of the bad things. They experimented for over a year until they landed on the Magic Spoon cereal blend that people know and love. 2 years and 5000+ 5 star reviews later, we think they may be on to something. 

The Science of Magic Spoon

Cereal is not known for its nutritional content, until now. Instead of sugar, Magic Spoon uses a sweetener blend composed of Monk Fruit and Allulose, a natural sugar commonly found in figs & maple syrup but has almost impact on blood sugar. Magic Spoon’s cereal is high in protein, with 13g complete protein per serving, and Low Carb, with only 4g carbs per serving. The cereal is keto-friendly, gluten-free and grain-free, so it’s great for many diets.

Magic Spoon is made out of natural flavors, with no artificial colors or sweeteners. Their classic flavors include Fruity, Cocoa, Frosted, Blueberry, Cinnamon, and Peanut Butter, and they release limited edition flavors based on the season and events. Their birthday cake flavor and pumpkin spice flavors sell out often.

The Soul of Magic Spoon

Get back in touch with your inner child with every bite of Magic Spoon cereal. Magic Spoon taps into the nostalgia of childhood and those care-free relaxed days of watching Saturday cartoons, while balancing it with the health and nutritional value that your adult self cares about. Magic Spoon is seriously fun food that’s enabling people to indulge in their favorites completely guilt free.

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