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The Modern Intimacy brand designing the stigma out of sexual wellness

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Why We Love Maude

Rarely talked about, often misunderstood, sexual health products are slowly finding their niche in today’s market. Maude was founded on the understanding that everyone should be able to enjoy sex, irrespective of age or gender. Whether you’re a newly single fifty year old, a cisgender heterosexual couple in your twenties, or nonbinary and looking for a partner, Maude has everything you need to have a good time.

The TL; DR

  • Sexual health products for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or orientation
  • Organic, natural, and safe ingredients in all products
  • Built on pillars of simplicity, quality, and inclusivity
  • Founded and helmed by women
Maude Products

The Maude Origin Story

Est. 2018

Eva Goicochea, Maude’s Founder, has been seeking to modernize the sexual health market for years. Much of the sex toy industry is inundated with exclusionary, problematic imagery designed by men and directed toward women, that sets a highly normative standard for those trying to buy. Goicochea wanted to do things differently, to aim their products at people rather than sticking to gender roles. Founded on the principles of simplicity, quality, and inclusivity, Maude has been bringing fun, safe sex toys to a diverse populace ready to embrace it.

The Science of Maude

Maude’s simplicity is exemplified in their lubricants, made with completely natural, organic, aloe-based moisturizing gel. Their best-selling Vibe vibrator is sleek, made from 100% platinum-grade silicon, and operates with three different easy to use settings. However, Maude understands that sex is generally not just a quick procedure (although that can be fun too), but a drawn-out, sensory experience that encompasses all aspects of human sexuality. This understanding is reflected in every one of their products, categorized in before, during, and after.

For before the act, Maude offers a series of hydrating sprays, body washes, and massage candles. Afterward, they offer a tub kit made with dead sea salt and coconut milk powder, to complete the night. Or morning. Or afternoon.

The Soul of Maude

As mentioned, much of the typical sexual wellness industry is largely cis- and heteronormative. This sets an unfortunate precedent and excludes a large portion of the population. From its inception, Maude has sought to change this standard, marketing not to any specific gender, sexuality, or age but simply to people. The conversation about LGBTQ inclusion has been growing for quite a while. Maude’s deliberate inclusivity marks the next big step in understanding that regardless of how we identify, we all deserve the right to be properly equipped in our sexuality.

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