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The nearly invisible home gym
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Why We Love Mirror

What’s the real life version of the magic mirror from Snow White? Mirror, the nearly invisible at home gym. While you can definitely check yourself out in this mirror, the real purpose of Mirror is to help you look and feel your best. Mirror has an LCD screen where you can watch instructor-lead live and on-demand fitness classes via a monthly membership. The classes range in intensity and workout. Plus, with 50+ classes that range from 5-60 minutes to choose from, you can find something to satisfy all of your fitness needs. They also offer one-on-one personal training sessions through two-way audio and video technology.

Mirror makes it easy to customize your at-home workouts and connect with others through its Community Camera, which allows participants to see each other during a workout or connect in the Mirror App to offer encouragement, celebrate milestones, and share favorite classes. For those who thrive in competitive workouts, Mirror offers a competitive mode where you can compete against yourself and other members by earning points for hitting and maintaining your target zones. Its AI-driven target uses historical performance and heart rate data to provide you with a perfectly tailored competitive experience to motivate and encourage you.

The TL; DR

  • Elevates at-home workout through mirror-like LCD screen that gives you access to instructor-lead and on-demand fitness classes
  • Over 50 classes to choose from and a variety of lengths
  • Offers one-on-one fitness sessions by booking virtual, personal training
  • Their optional competitive mode allows you to compete with those around you
  • Monitor you heart rate and track biometrics during the workout

Mirror Origin Story

Est. 2016

Brynn Putnam was a professional ballerina who taught fitness classes on the side to supplement her income. In 2010, she opened her own boutique fitness studio in NYC called The Refine Method. Given her tight budget, she was unable to initially add mirrors into the studio. But when she did add mirrors, the positive response was overwhelming. Customers loved watching themselves workout and could push themselves more. Putnam never forgot how much a mirror could elevate a workout.

A couple years later Putnman had her first child and was struggling to find time to workout. She was dissatisfied with the current at-home workouts on the market and decided the best way to fix the problem was to create the solution. Since space was limited, she knew she had to create something that could easily blend into any home. Something that was effective, but didn’t get in the way of the every day. Putnam teamed up with the right people to execute her idea and turn it into a reality. Since launch, Mirror has grown in every aspect- from their tech, class offers, and even their community. They caught the eyes of many for their cutting edge product, and in the summer of 2020, Lululemon acquired Mirror for $500 million. Today, Mirror still offers independently to offer 50+ classes for the ultimate workout that hides in plain sight.

The Science of Mirror

Mirror’s product is, not surprisingly, The Mirror. It’s sleek and modern, and stands at 40-inches with a 1080p vertical display that can fit the aesthetic of any home. The advanced camera and proprietary tracking technology can deliver in-workout adjustments based on users goals, preferences, and personal profile. To control The Mirror, just download Mirror’s app. You can then put it in various modes and pair devices such as heart rate monitors to track your biometrics and progress. Mirror also partners with top-rated fitness experts to teach classes. They use their AI to enhance workouts and offerings, to deliver the highest quality personalized workout directly in your home.

The Soul of Mirror

Mirror wants to help consumers unlock the best version of themselves by giving them the technology and platform that fits seamlessly into their space. At Mirror, fitness is seen as a form of self care and a way to truly be in the moment. Mirror encourages people to be intentional with their time and their goals. They understand that going to the gym can be the first thing to fall off a to do list, so they bring the best part of the gym to you.

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