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Why We Love Monument

Monument believes that a healthy relationship with alcohol is attainable and can be celebrated by all. They know that everyone’s journey is unique and nothing to be ashamed of. Monument’s online platform provides affordable and accessible tools, resources, and education for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol — whether that’s practicing moderation or abstaining from alcohol completely. Through their platform, users can access this content anonymously, from the comfort of their own homes, and at an affordable rate (many of their resources and support options are free). As a brand that officially launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, Monument is breaking down the stigma associated with alcohol consumption and breaking down barriers to essential expertise and social support, so that everyone who decides they want to work on their relationship with alcohol is able to do so with confidence.

The TL; DR

  • Online platform that connects members to physicians, therapists, and support groups
  • Focuses on changing your relationship with alcohol whether that’s moderation or abstaining
  • Provides access to a free, anonymous community, support groups, and educational resources

The Monument Origin Story

Est. 2020

If you’ve ever considered changing your relationship with alcohol but haven’t known how or where to start, you’re not alone. That’s why Mike Russell created Monument. Russell, who is a founder and alum of many high-profile startups including Paintzen, Bombas, Zipdrug, and MyClean, struggled himself with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol; one that included binge drinking, lack of impulse control, and poor anger management. While he says never felt addicted to alcohol, he knew that he had an unhealthy relationship and consumption habits that negatively affected his life as an entrepreneur, husband, and father.

In 2018, Russell searched for support through commonly recommended methods, therapists, and outpatient centers, but was met with slow response times, long waitlists, and programs that didn’t work for what he was seeking. Finally, through advice from a friend who’d successfully achieved and maintained sobriety, Russell learned about FDA-approved prescription medications formulated specifically to help people moderate their drinking. With the support of ongoing therapy and the new medication, he was able to change his relationship with alcohol by controlling his alcohol consumption and abstaining completely. After successfully changing and improving his own relationship with alcohol, he knew he had to create a platform where people could easily access the same, important, life-saving resources and support, so that everyone could have the opportunity to effectively manage their relationships with alcohol.

The Science of Monument

While an estimated 15 million Americans have Alcohol Use Disorder, known as AUD, each year, less than 10 percent of people with AUD receive treatment due to cost, stigma, and accessibility of treatments. Monument is looking to change that. They recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” way to help people change their daily drinking habits, and they provide various types of proven, successful support methods so that people can adapt their relationship with alcohol based on the treatment styles most effective for them.

Monument’s online platform connects members with therapist-moderated support, informative resources, and a free, anonymous community of experts and peers alike. They also provide medical treatment for those who could benefit from it by introducing members to licensed physicians or specialized therapists to develop personalized treatment plans that best fit their goals and needs. Through their free educational resources, community-based support groups, and counseling options, Monument is changing the way people view their relationship with alcohol, helping those struggling to understand that they are not alone, and making it easier for everyone to develop healthy habits based on their own, personal lifestyles.

The Soul of Monument

According to the CDC, at least 38 million Americans over-consume alcohol. Every year, an estimated 88,000 people die of alcohol-related causes, making it the 3rd leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Cost, stigma, accessibility, and rigor of treatment are some of the main reasons that people do not seek help for Alcohol Use Disorder. Monument’s online platform is not only helping members get the support they need, whether that’s cutting down their alcohol consumption or stopping completely, but also educating en masse — so that everyone can enjoy a healthy relationship with alcohol.

Monument believes that every path is non-linear, and they’ve created a platform that addresses the uniqueness of everyone’s personal, alcohol relationship and journey. Changing alcohol-related habits and perceptions is something that Monument wants their members to celebrate, and by removing harmful stigmas, celebrating successes, and creating motivational, supportive community relationships, Monument is changing the lives of its members and empowering them to take control of their health and alcohol habits — one day at a time.

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