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Moon Pod

The zero-gravity, tension-easing bean bag for the Millenial age
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Why We Love Moon Pod

Beanbags are back, but these aren’t the uncomfortable, easily-bursting sad-sacks we all know and hate. Quite the contrary – Moon Pods are the latest in beanbag technology, filled with supportive, high-density beads that simulate the feeling of weightlessness as you seemingly float on top. Surrounded by a flexible, soft outer membrane, these better-than-a-beanbag chairs allow for unparalleled neck and back support while you read, recline, binge-watch, or kick back, relax, and simply unwind after a long day. And thanks to their refined, modern, and beautiful design, Moon Pod elevates your body, your mood, and the overall style of your living space.

The TL; DR

  • Plush, comfortable, and stylish
  • Cozy yet supportive, Moon Pods help relieve back and neck pain
  • Beautifully designed, yet easily portable and storable
  • Floatation Therapy helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Extremely durable, unlike most beanbag chairs, and easy to refill, if needed
  • Made fully of recycled products
  • Machine-washable, easily removable outer shell

The Moon Pod Origin Story

Est. 2018

After achieving success with his renowned weighted blanket business, Gravity, John Fiorentino decided to shoot for the moon and enter the world of antigravity relaxation and wellness gear. After a successful launch, Moon Pod was off the ground in 2018, introducing a new, thoughtfully-designed, rest-upgrade product to the market.

Just as Gravity was inspired by Fiorentino’s mission to help those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and other health problems, so too is Moon Pod centered on that goal. Through a unique Flotation Therapy technology made to  provide  adaptive, ergonomic support for all body types and posture preferences, Moon Pod provides a comprehensive, comfortable,  balanced structure, helping alleviate neck and back pain by promoting total tension release, reducing anxiety, and delivering regular stress relief. It’s no surprise that Moon Pod’s customers have quickly become obsessed with that #zerogravitylife.

The Science of Moon Pod

Let’s be clear; Moon Pods are lightyears beyond the nebulous, perpetually sweaty, blob-shaped pouch that is the ordinary beanbag. Typical beanbag chairs are comprised of a chopped foam fill wrapped in that familiar-yet-unidentifiable nylon, cotton, or polyester fabric (seriously, what is it, and… why?). This collection of cheap materials is the reason we banish our beanbag chairs to the basement, hoping that some combination of time, space, and dust will heal the years of unhygienic, stain-retaining, dissatisfaction that no earthly amount of detergent can ever completely remove. To put it bluntly, they’re uncomfortable, unsanitary, and made specifically not to last.

But we’ve evolved.

Purposefully engineered to provide enduring support, Moon Pods use a substantial fill of custom-formulated, individual, high-density beads that spring back and adapt to your body and posture. This responsive bead fill allows for the “weightless” sensation customers love — as opposed sitting in an ordinary beanbag chair and sinking straight to the floor, or leaving a lumpy, you-shaped impression behind once you’re able to get to your feet.

The Moon Pod’s “weightless” feeling is remarkably similar to the sensory-deprivation experienced during Flotation Therapy, which has been proven to greatly reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. Because the dual outer membrane that contains the beads is equal parts soft, supportive, and stretchy, Moon Pod reacts and morphs to your body, providing full-body support and alignment, and encouraging complete relaxation.

The result? A cozy yet supportive beanbag that’s unlike any other seating option on the planet. Turns out the future of beanbags is now.

The Soul of Moon Pod

Just like his weighted Gravity blankets, John Fiorentino’s developed Moon Pods to help those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and other mental and behavioral disorders — as well as those simply searching for a more restful, more fulfilling relaxation solution. To date, Moon Pods have helped thousands of customers find physical wellness and peace of mind right here on earth — one (better) bean bag at a time.

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