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Why We Love

Raise a glass, you’ve just found a better way to wine. Whether you purchase at the store or shop online, selecting quality crafted wines can be an overwhelming search — filled with endless options and vague information. filters out the frustrations of wine-buying, leaving you with a bottle of your fresh, refined, affordable new favorite vino. provides a simpler and better way to buy wines – and does so with an environmental focus and a global mindset. The online wine-delivery brand provides its subscribers (or “Angels,” as they’re affectionately known) with exclusive wines at great pricing, allowing customers to more easily explore and enjoy a variety of artisanal wines.

Each sale helps support and directly invests in independent winemakers around the world. To date, has helped changed the lives of 159 winemakers in 14 countries. Non-subscribers can also take advantage of’s impressive list of reds, whites, and blends. We’ll toast to that!

The TL; DR

  • Great tasting, enjoyable, and conveniently delivered
  • Exclusive wines at inclusive pricing
  • Curated selection of affordable, quality and sustainably produced wines
  • Environmentally focused and globally minded
  • First-of-its-kind customer-funded wine business
  • Transparent business model invests in independent winemakers around the world
  • It’s wine

The Origin Story

Est. 2008

South African born entrepreneur, Rowan Gormley, founded back in 2008 with connection in mind – in this case, to connect wine drinkers with wine makers through a crowdfunding model, which was still a novel concept at the time. Through a monthly subscription, customers could purchase their wines directly from the vineyards themselves.

By establishing meaningful relationships between producers and consumers and removing the middleman, has been able to focus on sustainability and on directly supporting the winemakers with whom it works. Today, is much more than just another wine club. It’s a globally minded brand that’s empowering winemakers (and wine drinkers alike), one sip at a time.

The Science of

One of’s most distinct and delightful characteristic is its simplicity and transparency. Through the monthly subscription fee, every “Angel” (100,000 and counting, to date) receives access to exclusive wines at inclusive pricing, access to Angel-only tastings, events, and gifts, as well as a meaningful, ongoing connection to winemakers around the world.

Subscription fees are used to directly invest in winemakers who wouldn’t otherwise have a way of producing or sharing their wines with a broader audience. By enabling these winemakers to produce and sell wine to their Angels, has established a win(e)/win(e) arrangement for all. And we think that deserves a toast.

The Soul of

While has impressively blended technology, crowdfunding, and innovation, it’s the brand’s commitment to building meaningful relationships that has set it apart. Its focus on transparency, connection, and openness is evident in everything they do and is especially refreshing in an industry that hasn’t always remained so grounded.

By working with small, independent winemakers, has been able to remain environmentally minded on a global scale. Since its inception, and its Angels have not only invested in 159 independent winemakers in 14 countries (and counting) but have also empowered wine drinkers to learn more about where their wines come from, inspiring the community to help support the industry as a whole. Cheers!

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