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Oliver Cabell


Handcrafted luxury shoes for men and women at a fraction of traditional retail prices
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Why We Love Oliver Cabell

Great footwear shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. And yet, compared with other clothing categories, shoe prices have traditionally been eye watering. That’s not because shoes are uniquely complex to manufacture; it’s because of the retailer’s mark-up at work. That’s until Oliver Cabell stepped in.

Oliver Cabell stamps down upon inherited supply chain inefficiency. They sell high-quality, long-lasting shoes and other accessories directly to customers, all at a fraction of the cost of similar products on the market. In just five years, Oliver Cabell has become the go-to option for well designed, quality boots and sneakers for men and women. You could say, the rest of the market has been caught flat footed.

The TL; DR

  • Hand-crafted high-quality shoes for men and women
  • Made out of the highest-quality materials like ethically sourced leather from Italy
  • Priced at a fraction of common retailer mark-ups

Oliver Cabell Origin Story

Est. 2018

Twenty-seven year old Scott Gabrielson was studying for an MBA in entrepreneurship at Oxford when the realization struck him that high fashion had become inordinately expensive. Gabrielson saw firsthand in Asian factories that leather goods, which retailed at over $1000 (and were described as ‘made in Italy’), were being glued and stitched together by workers in cramped conditions not earning the money they should. Gabrielson knew there had to be a better way to produce and sell high-quality products that consumers felt priced out of, and set out to create an honest alternative that was transparent in pricing.

Since establishing Oliver Cabell, Gabrielson’s top business priority has been to partner with trusted factories. He develops strong long-term manufacturer relationships to continually produce the best styles and products for consumers to wear for years to come, all while ensuring the working conditions of their employees are above average. With so many fashion companies trying to take advantage of workers and consumers, Oliver Cabell’s transparency and ethical production stand out.

The Science of Oliver Cabell

When Oliver Cabell set out to make its first shoe, Gabrielson assessed over 40 footwear factories throughout Europe, and 70 tanneries, before selecting his preferred partners. Two of the most important criteria when looking for manufacturers were commitment to quality and to ethical standards. For example, since he started Oliver Cabell, Gabrielson sought factory owners that supported small family farms who could monitor where hides originated.

Oliver Cabell places equal importance on sourcing the best possible outsole, which it considers an often overlooked element of a great sneaker. Its chosen supplier, Magrom in le Marche, Italy, uses a lightweight outsole design that is resistant to splitting and abrasion whilst maximizing comfort.

The Soul of Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell encourages a passion for seeing things differently and challenging accepted practices. Placing a huge premium on transparency, especially compared with established businesses, the brand is extraordinarily open about costs, providing a price breakdown so consumers know exactly how much it cost to manufacture the shoes they are about to buy. When you wear Oliver Cabell shoes, you’ll never doubt that you are wearing a well-made, ethically-sourced product that you purchased at a fair price.

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