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Meet the body-and-beauty brand that's championing women as they are, not as they should be

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Why We Love OUI the People

A refreshing take on bodycare, OUI the People is championing self-love and celebrating you — exactly as you are. Their line of clean, sustainable products is filled with all of the nutrient-dense, glow-gifting good stuff your skin needs. Choose from a range of skin-revitalizing product such as hydrating bikini sheet masks, ingrown hair relief toner, hydrating body gloss or their signature skin razor with reusable blades.

OUI the People‘s commitment to go #againstthegrain in a beauty industry dominated by labels means that their mission is to consistently create products that make you feel forever great — and to help you fall (back) in love with the skin you’re in. Welcome home to your beautiful body and a brand that honors you.

The TL; DR

  • Championing women as they are, not as they “should” be
  • Products sustainably packaged in glass, recyclable or refillable containers
  • Partners with LED-certified factories that use 100% renewable electricity throughout their buildings
  • Cruelty-free products with natural formulas free of phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, petrolatum and synthetic fragrances
  • Earn rewards points everytime you shop and redeem for products (plus extra bonus Birthday points on your special day, woot woot!)
  • Female-founded and run

OUI the People Origin Story

Est. 2015

When Karen Young, Founder and CEO of OUI the People set out to challenge the beauty industry, she started not by highlighting common skin concerns, but by changing the conversations and language used to describe them. The beauty industry was built on idealistic imagery, and has long  used relentless language to promote unrealistic and unachievable goals — redefining natural skin as imperfect, and creating within its customers a hyper-awareness of everything they are not

While excellent bolsters to the beauty industry’s bottom line, concepts such as  flawless, perfect skin and anti-aging solutions have created a standard of shame-based, self-image-warping language.

And that is the conversation that Young is out to change. OUI the People faces these misleading messages head on, championing the fact that beauty doesn’t live in a bottle, and people shouldn’t value beauty products more than they value themselves. OUI the People‘s positivity-driven mission and emphasis on self-love, self-worth, self-care struck a chord that reverberated throughout the greater beauty community.

The brand’s launch in 2015 was followed by a flurry of community members expressing their gratitude and support — finally feeling recognized for their own, distinct, irreplicable beauty and celebrated for their individuality and personal style.

The Science of OUI The People

Saying no to loveless language and saying oui to safe AF skincare has never been easier. OUI’s commitment to clean ingredients means that all of the brand’s formulas are free of phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, petrolatum, and synthetic fragrances.

Opting out of harmful additives isn’t enough for this brand, though. Oh no. OUI the People’s transparency initiative ensures that every ingredient used in their products is listed on their website, including individual toxicity ratings from the Environmental Working Group.

Each ingredient, from the easy-to-pronounce Honey Extract to the more exotic Wasabia Jonica Leaf Extract, is listed alphabetically, along with the key features of that ingredient (vitamin-rich, antimicrobial, thickening and beyond) and its toxicity rating. Spoiler alert: on a scale of 1-10, all ingredients fall between rankings of 1-3, the majority of which are a 1; aka Highly Safe.

In addition to OUI‘s meticulously considered product formulations, the brand’s packaging is recyclable or refillable.

The Soul of OUI The People

At the core of OUI is the People. That includes everyone – women of all backgrounds, ages, races, ethnicities, and walks of life are encouraged to honor their bodies for their  strength, their stories, and their significance. All products are made on the premise of taking excellent care of the amazing bodies we already have instead of trying to transform them to an unattainable standard. 


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