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Why We Love P.volve

“Time for the gym! Time to suffer through an hour of embarrassed agony while the regulars and trainers are maybe definitely looking at how uncoordinated and flabby I am. Actually…what’s on Netflix?” – Anonymous

No one likes the gym. Well, actually some people like the gym, but we haven’t figured out their dark secrets yet. We much prefer P.volve, a subscription-based, functional-fitness and resistance training exercise program that offers all the gain with none of the pain.

An entire online library of workout options await, allowing subscribers to evolve their fitness regimen — and become healthy and toned without the need for shared equipment, treadmill lines, or onlookers.

The TL; DR

  • Convenient and affordable workout subscription plan
  • Tones muscles and joints naturally with no risk of inflammation or injury
  • Allows subscribers to set their own pace and intensity, or follow a set regimen
  • Connects with a community of encouraging, like-minded people living a healthier life

The P.volve Origin Story

Est. 2017

Stephen Pasterino, aka P, has been working as a fitness trainer for decades. It’s his passion, his art, and something he’s really damn good at. At his New York gym, Bodies by P, he began experimenting with workout techniques. P saw thousands of men and women giving themselves joint pain, inflammation, and muscle imbalance in the hopes of a better bod, and knew there had to be an easier way.

P began developing workouts that would tone the body’s muscles naturally, without overextending or risking injury. Once the first few thousand people began seeing results, one gym just wasn’t going to cut it. P.volve is the culmination of Pasterino’s life work, his entire philosophy built into an easily utilized subscription plan. It’s so named because P truly believes it to be the next evolution of exercise.

The Science of P.volve

P.volve uses a shockingly affordable and easy to use subscription membership, providing access to hundreds of workout videos on its app. After learning the foundational movements and forms used across P.volve’s workout regimen, you set the pace of your exercise routine and specify which muscle groups you’d like to focus on.

Each video is designed to work in sync with the others, delivering a rounded, balanced, full-body workout plan that builds strength, elevates endurance, and tones muscle. Once you sign up for a P.volve membership, you join a community of trainers who not only help you with exercise, but offer expert advice related to lifestyle, diet, and nutrition in order to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Soul of P.volve


America has long suffered from a crisis of health. Between elevated membership fees, limited locations, and limited scheduling flexibility, working out at a gym is not only inconvenient but impossible for many. Long work hours, negative self-image, and family obligations often take precedence over one’s physical health.

With P.volve, no matter who you are or where you come from, you have the resources and the time to live a better, healthier life.

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