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At home device to help relieve pain, rehab an injury, and increase performance

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Why We Love PowerDot

Injuries have become an expected part of working out, especially as we grow older, but they shouldn’t be. We don’t often pay attention to recovery, which makes us more likely to get injured. Not to mention, more likely to be buried in bills from physical therapy appointments and expensive short-term pain relieving products.

With Powerdot, workouts, recovery, and long-term peRformance are revolutionized with the touch of a button. Attach PowerDot’s muscle stimulation pads on any part of the body, and it will use NeuroMusclar Electric Sitmuation (NMES) technology to naturally aide your muscles in their breakdown and recovery. Connecting to your smartphone to personalize your recovery after your workouts that day, PowerDot helps build muscle faster, with less pain and far less risk of injury.

The TL; DR

  • Muscle stimulator improves athletic performance, relieves pain, and helps accelerate recovery
  • With Powerdot, you can supplement strength training or recovery completely naturally, using only your body
  • Can be used at any time from when you’re watching TV or at the end of a workout
  • Uses a simple app on your phone to activate and control
  • Connects with the apps on your smartphone to create custom programs based on your workouts and what your body needs

PowerDot Origin Story

Est. 2016

Although it officially launched in 2016, PowerDot saw innovation three years prior, when Alexey Pisarev worked on creating a portable electrical muscle stimulation device. Pisarev’s father was a groundbreaking innovator with NeuroMusclar Electric Sitmuation (NMES) technology, which has existed since the 1950s but only recently seen real progress. NMES devices have been proven to activate targeted muscle groups, promote recovery, and relieve pain, but they were not widely available to the public, and the ones that were, were either very inexpensive and dangerous or way too expensive for the average exerciser.

Pisarev teamed up with Eric Glader to pack the power of NMES in a small pod that connected with smartphones for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. They combined the traditional NMES with their Smart Recovery AI. With that innovation, PowerDot could provide customized programs based on a consumer’s needs, right to their smartphone. Today, thousands of weightlifters, cyclists, swimmers, runners, and athletes of all stripes use PowerDot to increase their performance, relieve pain, and rehab an injury.

The Science of PowerDot

Powerdot uses NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), which targets Type 1, also known as slow twitch muscle fibers, and Type II, also known as fast twitch muscle fibers, to contract at various levels. It also uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for pain relief, which sends electrical pulses to stimulate sensory nerves in the applied area, which at a low frequency can relieve pain for a short period of time and at a high frequency can block pain from that area all together.

This technology has been used in physical therapy sessions and training rooms for years, but has not been widely accessible to the public, both through cost and the size of the product, until PowerDot. Using the device keeps the muscles moving, delivering nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to the body in order to assist healing, aid in strength training, and prevent injury. It’s beneficial not only during a workout, but beforehand to warm up, and after to cool down.

After hearing everything that PowerDot does, you may be shocked to know that PowerDot is actually very small, easy to use, and portable. It attaches to a muscle group using sticky pads, which use electrical energy to stimulate the muscles.  PowerDot easily connects through Bluetooth to any smartphone, allowing you to choose the right program for your muscles that day with the touch of a button. And Powerdot’s Smart Recovery AI connects with other smart health apps on your device and provides custom recovery program based on your workout. Plus, it learns from a quick survey you take after each PowerDot session make sure that you are getting what your muscles need, allowing you to train and recover smarter.

The Soul of PowerDot

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an occasional exerciser, injuries can be frequent if you’re not taking care of your body. And let’s face it, injuries suck, causing both physical and mental negative side effects. Injury prevention is as important in your routine as the workout is, but many people forget it, constantly trying to improve their performance, often at the cost of long-term stability. Pain medication and workout supplements can help momentarily, but can lead to more dire consequences down the line. And physical therapy and surgeries are not accessible to all or can leave thousands of dollars in debt.

PowerDot offers a natural way to keep the muscles stimulated on an ongoing basis, eliminating the need for outside help and allowing any athlete to continue leaping the next hurdle. It is more affordable than similar high-end NMES products on the market, and most effective.

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