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Why We Love Public Goods

Supermarkets may be an essential part of life for some, but we think it’s high time they packed their plastic bags. Shelves and shelves of factory-farmed foods, filled with unnatural hormones and, more often than not, made from mistreated animals. Rows of household goods and beauty products, full of unhealthy chemicals and terrible for our bodies and the environment… the list of supermarket sacrifices is long — and it’s not a pretty one.

Thankfully, we now have a choice — and a much better option: Public Goods. This online market is replete with affordable household goods, groceries, and personal care items. The best part? Every single product is healthy, eco-friendly, and naturally made (plus, no checkout lines or plastic bags). Public Goods has created a truly super market, and it’s high time they took the reins from the not-so-superstores.

The TL; DR

  • Convenient, sustainable household essentials and food products
  • Every single item is affordable and accessible
  • Partnered with environmental nonprofits, and use special packaging to save trees
  • Made without any harmful chemicals and without animal testing

Public Goods Origin Story

Modest-living and ninja-enthusiast Morgan Hirsch learned early on from his family’s manufacturing business that most modern big-box brands create nothing but their logo (and frankly, even that is a strong maybe).

After contracting out the manufacturing work, these brands hike up the price to account for all the different parties involved, resulting in a pricetag that’s roughly ten times what the product is worth (sometimes more!). After his family’s business went under, Hirsch hit his limit one morning looking around his bathroom at all the branded products- products he knew were made without care or responsibility to the consumer. And that’s when the idea for Public Goods began.

After a rocky start finding investors, Hirsch decided to go straight to the people, raising thirty times his original Kickstarter goal of $20,000. For Hirsch, the overwhelming initial response was a signal that everyday people; the Public in Public Goods, are just as fed up with being overcharged, undervalued, and under-appreciated.

Public Goods was founded on principles of honesty, responsibility, and convenience. When you see their name on a product, you can purchase with confidence in the fact that Public Goods, themselves, created it from scratch.

The Science of Public Goods

Public Goods has grown into an all-encompassing market that operates on ideals of simplicity and eco-friendliness. There are no unnecessary chemicals, GMOs, hormones, or other additives in their products — just all-natural ingredients that come straight from the earth.

Their membership program allows anyone to join and receive the added perks of reduced pricing and free shipping (so you can replace those constant trips to and from the supermarket). From shampoo and soaps, to cereal and snacks, to paper towels and pet goods, Public Goods has it all, ready to ship and deliver at the touch of a button.

The Soul of Public Goods

Public Goods knew from the beginning that they wanted to help solve our environmental crisis, not contribute to it. For every new member joining their club, they plant a tree courtesy of Eden Reforestation Projects. By using bamboo and sugarcane in their paper towels, napkins, tissues, toilet paper, and more, they allow millions of trees to remain standing and keep doing what they do best- giving us oxygen. Finally, without the thousands of unhealthy ingredients used in most US products, like artificial dyes and synthetic growth hormone, Public Goods is saving our bodies along with the planet.

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