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Purple Carrot

An easy way to eat plant-based meals

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Why We Love Purple Carrot

Sure, a purple carrot is pretty interesting on it’s own, but there’s much more to this delightfully vegan brand than rainbow veggies. From an assortment of flavorful meals made from all-natural ingredients, to entire recipes available at the click of a mouse, Purple Carrot delivers a healthier way to prep your plate.

Start by building your 100%-plant-based menu for the week, then kick back and wait for your ingredients to arrive. No more worrying about over or underbuying at the supermarket, and no more spending hours finding the right recipe to create the delicious, nutrient-rich, veggie-filled dishes you crave.


  • Meal plan subscriptions with enough variety to build a unique menu every week
  • Affordable, convenient recipes and ingredients delivered directly to your doorstep
  • Exciting, robust selection of fruits, herbs, and vegetables that introduces a whole new culinary world
  • Delicious, nutritious, 100% plant-based meals

The Purple Carrot Origin Story

Est. 2014

While it’s fair to assume that the story of a brand dedicated to delivering mouthwatering vegan recipes starts somewhere in the kitchen, Purple Carrot actually took root and sprouted from its founder’s garage. Andy Levitt founded Purple Carrot once he saw the amazing difference a plant-based diet made in his personal health. The benefits affected not only in how he felt daily, but improved and alleviated symptoms of his Crohn’s Disease. And while a garage may not be the best place for experimenting with recipes, it was there that Levitt built and launched his plan to share Purple Carrot with the greater community.

The idea quickly gathered support, and the brand’s momentum was significantly amplified after Levitt discovered a dedicated Purple Carrot fan and business partner — in Tom Brady.

After its first few years Purple Carrot experienced rapid growth, blossoming into a brand recognized for its top-quality taste, culinary creativity, and undeniable freshness. Propelled by a talented head chef, exciting new recipes, and the freshest possible ingredients, Purple Carrot is turning the heads of vegan and non-vegan foodies, alike, encouraging everyone to eat healthy, nutritious, high-protein meals.

The Science of Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot uses a simple subscription program to share fresh ingredients and inventive recipes, so you can enjoy a variety flavorful vegan plates — such as tempeh tacos and fig melt sandwiches.

On their website, customers choose which meals they want, how many servings they need of each, and how often they’d like their selections delivered. Purple Carrot then delivers those selections, complete with the perfectly-portioned, fresh, all-natural ingredients and the exact, easy-to-follow recipes for the requested menu items.

If you get hungry in between meals, don’t want to cook, or just like to graze, Purple Carrot offers a wide variety of healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day.

The Soul of Purple Carrot

Cultivating the plant-based revolution is no easy task, but it is crucial for both physical and mental health and wellness. A diet including more plants decreases blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack and diabetes. Plant-based diets have even been proven to help prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

And it’s not just your body that will thank you, but the planet itself. One pound of veggies takes about 40 gallons of water to produce, while a pound of beef takes 1,880 gallons. Eating one less burger a week can save the equivalent of 320 miles in carbon emissions. No matter how you slice it, plants are back in style, Purple Carrot is on the menu, and the dinner bell is ringing.

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