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A 3 product skincare regime made out of natural ingredients for everyone

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Why We Love Romer

The beauty skindustry has long been known for products with…questionable ingredients. After all, do you really want to put formaldehyde on your face, just to try and cover up a zit? Thankfully, Romer doesn’t make you choose between fantastic, effective skin care, and natural, healthy ingredients; they give you all!

The TL; DR

  • Clean, natural skincare products that are great both for skin and the environment
  • Organically grown, ethically sourced, primarily vegan ingredients
  • Membership options to receive skincare products on a regular basis
  • Dedicated to sustainability in all aspects of business

The Romer Origin Story

As a hard-working member of Wall Street, Lauren Rome quickly learned that a high-stress environment is terrible for skin. Dark circles, dehydration, and dreaded breakouts plagued her night and day, and despite spending a small fortune on traditional skincare products, they weren’t going away. In order to save face (literally), Rome left Wall Street in search of a new type of skincare; one she ended up creating and selling herself. Today, her skin is clear and bright, as is the future of the results-focused business she founded, Romer.

The Science of Romer

Romer’s skincare line has a strict manufacturing policy: natural, non-toxic ingredients only. They’ve put up a sign outside the clubhouse door, and there are no harmful additives allowed. This includes parabens, phthalates, alcohols, artificial colors, or synthetic fragrances. Instead, Romer makes their products from manuka honey, aloe vera, shea butter, green tea extract, and other natural components. This approach allows for a product line that’s great not just for skin, but for the environment as well.

The Soul of Romer

In addition to drying skin and leeching toxins into the body, ‘beauty’ products produce a terrible amount of environmental damage. Romer is dedicated to sustainability across every one of their products, ensuring that their packaging is recyclable, their ingredients are natural, and their formulations are never tested on animals. Romer has also joined the 1% For The Planet movement, and donates 1% of annual profit to protecting and preserving the environment. Romer is a beauty brand that’s truly beautiful, inside and out.

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