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Steep & Mellow


Functional teas made with nootropics and adapotgens

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Why We Love Steep & Mellow

Get into the groove when you drink Steep & Mellow. Their three teas, which are wrapped in packaging inspired by the 70s hippie movement, helps people send out good vibes all day long.

If you’re looking to unwind or get in the zone, Steep & Mellow has a tea for you. Crafted with nootropics & adaptogens to support the body and mind, their teas contain a variety of natural ingredients including licorice root, goji berry and lemon balm.

Steep & Mellow showcases mindfulness across their products: from the blend of oxygen boosting adaptogens included in their blends to their sustainable packaging that won’t lead to excess waste. Their tea boxes, wrappers, strings, tags, and bags are all plant based and compostable, making it a better experience for all.

The TL; DR

  • Functional teas made with nootropics and adaptogens
  • Comes in two caffeinated flavors and one decaffeinated flavor that is perfect to drink before bed
  • Their sustainable tea bags are made from corn and compostable, just like their tea boxes. The tea bag string and tag are made from biodegradable paper.
  • Get a free gift when you buy all three teas

The Steep & Mellow Origin Story

Est. 2021

Meg Pederson founded Steep & Mellow in 2021, when she found herself out of University and without a job during the COVID pandemic. As an environmental enthusiast, Pederson was disgruntled by the waste and plastic pollution caused by drinking tea. She had recently learned about how adaptogens and nootropics interact with each other in food and beverages to help the brain and body, and she decided to combine these two interests to create a sustainable, functional tea.

Inspired by 1970s hippie culture, Steep & Mellow launched with whimsical packaging to be inviting for everyone and spread love. Pederson wanted to create a brand that did good and felt good in all aspects. Between the sustainable way the tea is made, their good for the body and mind blends, and their fun brand design, we believe she hit the nail on the head.

The Science of Steep & Mellow

Don’t be freaked out by the long name, Nootropics and Adaptogens are actually quite simple, and every tea that Steep & Mellow makes contains them. Nootropics are ingredients that support or enhance cognitive function while adaptogens improve how the body reacts to stress. Adaptogens and Nootropics have an origin in Chinese medicine, and have been used for thousands of years to support the human body and mind.

Caffeine is a nootropic. So, Steep and Mellow’s tea “Flow” is a bold black, caffeinated tea with berry notes and herbs like gotu kola, an adaptogen that has a similar profile as cilantro. While you can drink it whenever, it’s recommended to drink in the morning to put some pep in your step to take on the day ahead.

Their “Groove” tea is a crisp, citrusy green tea that combines the ideal amount of caffeine with Cordyceps and Rhodiola, adaptogens that have been known to help fight fatigue. The perfect pick me up for your afternoon.

At the end of the day, when you need to chill out, “Dream” comes in. It’s a calming chamomile tea blended with Reishi, a mushroom known for its immune supporting qualities and commonly used in traditional East Asian medicine. It also features Ashwagandha, a herb that is commonly used in India to treat a variety of ailments and known to ease stress and reduce cortisol levels, making it perfect to drink while unwinding after a busy day out and about.

The Soul of Steep & Mellow

Integrity, innovation, inspiration, and impact. These are the four words that Steep & Mellow lives by and have built their brand around. Every product they create, hits on these four pillars to ensure that their products are making an impact on people and the world. Steep & Mellow wants to create a health and wellness community that brings together like minded individuals who stand for something and aren’t afraid to speak up. When you purchase Steep & Mellow, you’re buying into a larger community and showing the world that not only is health & wellness important to you, but also the harmony of the universe and everyone in it.

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