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Discreet and accurate pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, and UTI products delivered to your door

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Why We Love Stix

It’s not always a wildly comfortable experience walking into the drug store and picking up female wellness medicine or take-home tests. Now, envision a seamless experience where your ovulation kit, pregnancy test, and/or UTI pain relievers are discreetly delivered to your door, meaning you get to avoid your local pharmacy all together.

Stix is here to make things simple, empowering women to take better care of their bodies while shaving down time spent running urgent errands…where you may run into your S.O.’s mom at the checkout counter. No, really…read the Origin Story below for evidence that these encounters do actually happen. Their products are backed by science and look stylish. It’s a win-win for accurate results and helpful resources to support women wherever they are in their wellness journey.

The TL; DR

  • Doctor-approved female health products delivered to your door
  • Ultimate discretion – inconspicuous packaging, unmarked shipping labels, PayPal option
  • Commitment to judgement and stress-free women’s wellness
  • Female founded and run
  • Subscribe and save options

Stix Origin Story


Stix was born out of a seemingly unimaginable experience. One that, when we do imagine it happening, we’re instantly greeted with nausea: running into your boyfriend’s mother while purchasing a pregnancy test. Co-Founder Cynthia Plotch recalls her run-in being “as bad as it sounds…a moment that really opened [her] eyes to how totally broken the market was and made [her] want to fix it.”

Teaming up with friend and co-worker Jamie Norwood, Plotch set out to create a safe space in the women’s wellness world that felt intimate and accessible. Their vision? Offer a comfortable way for women to buy the health products that they typically avoided buying in person at all cost. With their launch in 2019 of an at-home pregnancy test delivered straight to your doorstep, success ensued and allowed them to expand their offerings into ovulation tests and UTI products.

The Science of Stix

Stix Pregnancy Tests deliver over 99% accuracy in five minutes. They’re FDA regulated and give clear results. No faint lines and post-test questions here, people. Their easy-to-use at-home UTI tests have been clinically-tested. They’re FDA-certified, urologist-approved, and provide results in just 2 minutes. Every test is accompanied by jargon-free instructions to take the mystery out of your medical inquiries. All how-to’s, from how the tests work, how to take the tests, and how to read the results are readily available online, making what can seem overwhelmingly scientific rather digestible. It’s no wonder Stix has repeat customers.

The Soul of Stix

From quite literally helping you avoid uncomfortable situations to promoting superior self-care, Stix’s mission is to be your female wellness BFF. They’re great at listening (check out the answers to many common FAQ’s on their website), they give great advice (refer to their Help section for thoughts from the Stix Team), and they even accept FSA/HSA payments, meaning they afford you the option to invest in your health beyond standard doctor visits.

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