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Why We Love Studs

Dubbed The Glossier of Piercing Studios by Vogue, Studs is an ear piercing and earring company that encourages customers to embrace self-expression through their piercings and jewelry.

Studs provides a much needed alternative to traditional places to get your ears pierced like tattoo shops, tacky mall stores, or expensive jewelers, and a destination for high quality yet affordable earrings to add to your rotation. Their online store offers earrings priced between $20-$100. Each earring is available to buy as a single or double, which means you can truly customize or mix and match. Plus, they feature a variety of styles, shapes, and colors so you can find what works best for you. Studs is changing the earring landscape, one earring at a time.

The TL; DR

  • Sells affordable, high-quality earrings individually, prices varying between $20-$100
  • A modern, end-to-end ear piercing experience that has trend-forward earrings that are available to purchase online or in-store. One piercing costs $35 and two piercing costs $50
  • Four piercing locations in Austin, New York, Miami and Los Angeles
  • Free pouch & stick-on earrings with every purchase
  • Has done earring collaborations with brands such as Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield, Susan Alexandra, and Man Repeller

Studs Origin Story

Est. 2019

When Anna Harman decided she wanted another ear piercing, she began researching piercing studios and found that her options were limited – either pay a few hundred dollars to get pierced at a jewelry store or go to a tattoo parlor. She decided on the tattoo parlor. While the piercing experience was clean and safe, Harman couldn’t help but shake the feeling of how out of place she felt, and knew others must feel the same way. She decided to create a fun and modern end-to-end ear piercing experience that had the highest safety & cleanliness standards and also carried an assortment of trend-driven products for every day purchase. 

Studs started with their piercing studio in NYC and have expanded around the country to have three more studios in major metropolitan areas. But the goal for Studs as a brand was never just to be a piercing location. Studs encourages self-expression through ear fashion by offering good quality jewelry at an affordable price that won’t turn your ears green. Their online earring shop sells a variety of styles like studs, hoops, chains, huggies, cuffs, and more, so you can wear the jewelry that fits your style best. Plus, all of the earrings they sell are safe for sensitive ears and made out of high quality materials.

The Science of Studs

From their piercing studios to the earrings they sell, Studs is all about safety first.  Their piercing jewelry is made of 14k or 18k solid gold, or high-quality, implant-grade titanium. Their fashion earrings (for healed holes) are made out of gold and sterling silver, and they’re durable for everyday use. Plus, Studs spends time educating their consumers about earring care throughout your earring journey.

In their studios, Studs follows the strictest health & safety standards to ensure that each piercing is done perfectly. Studs pierces any area of the ear using an autoclave-sterilized single-use needle rather than a piercing gun. Overall, single-use needles create a more hygienic end-to-end experience because they can be fully sterilized and cause less tissue trauma therefore creating shorter healing time. For safety and healing reasons, Studs only allows two piercings per visit. Studs does not pierce with traditional butterfly backings; instead it pierces with flat-back, titanium labret posts.

The Soul of Studs

Studs celebrates individuality and self-expression. The brand wants consumers to embrace beautifying and accessorizing their ears, or as Studs calls it, the “earscape”. Plus, Studs ensures that all of their earrings are accessible and affordable. Most pairs are available at around $20 for a single or $50 for a double, and they offer free shipping over $50. They also offer bundles for even more discounts. Studs is constantly releasing new fun designs to help you express yourself and find your style.

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