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Non-alcoholic rosé that actually tastes like wine
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Why We Love Surely Wines

Meet Surely, the non-alcoholic wine that, well, actually tastes like wine. Whether you’re looking for a night-cap alternative that doesn’t leave you woozy in the morning, are on a health mission to cut out sugary drinks, or simply ready to opt-out of alcohol consumption all together, Surely is here to give you a delicious alternative to your standard wine pour.

With alcohol content below the universally accepted limit for non-alcoholic beverages (0.5%), one glass is the equivalent to drinking kombucha or fruit juice. Yes, even orange juice and bananas have low amounts of alcohol due to natural fermentation, but now you can enjoy a wine that’s surely just as delicious, nature-made, and worry-free.

The TL; DR

  • A non-alcoholic wine for wine lovers…that tastes like wine. Enjoy the taste of wine without the hangover.
  • Made with organic grapes and all natural ingredients
  • No added sugars or sulfites and vegan and Keto-friendly
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – If you don’t love it, they’ll issue a refund
  • Free shipping on orders of $59+. Plus a subscribe and save option
  • Sparkling rosé and sparkling white wine available in bottles or cans

Surely Wines Origin Story

Est. 2020

Ryan and Justin, Surely’s Co-Founders, met in 2018 after Ryan’s alcohol-free year. At the time (in his late 20’s), Ryan realized that alcohol wasn’t letting him reach his full potential. He shared his transformative experience with Jack, who was also focused on optimizing his life in every way possible. Their combined goal? Create a way to comfortably socialize without detracting from their health or sacrificing productivity.

After two years of testing a variety of alcohol alternatives, from non-alcoholic wines and mocktails to low ABV beverages, Ryan and Justin found that many beverages branded as being low-alcohol options actually contained staggeringly high amounts of sugar. As a result, despite having a lower ABV, these low-alcohol options still left them with headaches and hangovers. Determined to design a better, healthier alcohol alternative, the young duo set out to start Surely

The Science of Surely WInes

Surely promises satisfaction, sans–added sugar or sulfites. Their signature sparkling rosé is made with organic grapes sourced from California wineries. After an alcoholic version of the wine is created, it’s put through a process in which the alcohol is separated from the wine body, itself. Add a few hand-selected ingredients that amplify the now-alcohol-free wine’s fantastic flavor and, voila, you have a glass of Surely

After the success of their sparkling Rosé, Surely released a sparkling white wine, which is their version of a traditional Champagne, but non-alcoholic. They also released canned versions of their rosé and white wine, just in time for summer.

Note that because this beverage is all-natural and alcohol-free, it lacks the preservative qualities of its alcoholic counterparts. So, Surely‘s semi-dry rosé should be refrigerated to maintain freshness, just like your average chilled bottle.          

The Soul of Surely Wines

Rest assured, Surely is here to support its community — first and foremost. Beyond the consideration, care, and quality of Surely‘s design (using no harmful additives, made from organic fruit), this drink is gluten-free, vegan, keto- AND paleo-friendly. So, if you decide to try a new diet or personal nutrition plan, you don’t have to sacrifice the delicious taste of your favorite Rosé or Champagne.

Now you can literally raise a glass to your health! Surely Wine is so confident that you’ll love their product that all orders are backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love the wine, Surely will issue a refund without putting you through the hassle of sending back the bottle. 

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Surely Wine

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Surely Wine

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Surely Wine

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